Random thoughts
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By your side, dear intuition

”I may not be brave, but my eyes speak the truth.”

random thoughts of the day.

i’m a free spirit. within me is a strong need for freedom. a strong need for serenity and calm sea. i want to feel alive. i want to feel that i am the one in control of my life, the one in control of my decisions. i want to be me, and i want you to be you.

i do not easily fall in love, however, if i meet a person with whom i connect i usually feel it at once. this happens whether it’s a friendship, a colleague, or someone i would fall into a love relationship with. it hits me at once. the feeling is there, and i can’t hide from it. when i fall for another human being i feel it throughout my entire body. my emotions speak vividly. they speak through my heart. through the butterflies going freakin wild in my belly.

nevertheless, a pure physical connection has never been enough for me, i need to connect with another human being on a much deeper soul level. this i believe has to do with my strong intuition. as i always have allowed my intuition to guide me through life i usually listen to it. i know it speaks the truth. i give it space to breathe air into my awareness. i give it space to live inside me, and i trust it with all of my heart. with all of my being.

sometimes it takes one look. one gaze into another person’s eyes, and i know. i know if this is a person that is going to be good for me. a person that will help me grow and evolve, a person that lets me be me, and lastly; if it’s a person that makes me feel at peace. at home. at home in this restless soul of mine.

i strongly believe that we don’t meet anyone by accident. behind every encounter there is a bigger meaning. we might not be aware of it at once, but with time it will flow to us, the meaning will always shine it’s light upon us. when we are ready to grasp its purpose in our lives it will come to us, we just have to trust that it will, we have to give it space to expand into our awareness. we can’t however force these things to happen, as they will occur in perfect timing.

one indication for me to know that the person i met will have a huge impact in my life is that my imagination gets more vivid, my intuition speaks more loudly, and last but not least; i see signs everywhere. everywhere. signs reminding me of that person is more or less thrown in my face. it’s like the universe is talking to me non-stop, eager to get my attention. although i don’t want to listen it speaks, it shouts and it screams, until i finally surrender and realize that it won’t shut up until i do something about it.

i know that the universe knows what’s best for me. the universe and my intuition have a strong connection – they communicate daily, one-on-one they chit chat like best buddies. sometimes they even talk directly to me. and i know, that at times they laugh at how silly i am, that i don’t see what’s right there in front of me. that i don’t see the magic flooding underneath, the beauty and strength that’s waiting to release.

our intuition is a powerful force, and we should learn how to listen to and trust it even more. it always has our back, it wants what’s best for us, it always does.

believe in yourself. believe that all you need is waiting underneath. waiting for you to come out from beneath, darling you’re already more than complete.



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