Who is Linda?

I love the the taste of coffee in the morning. Breakfast in bed and forgotten books. I love working out, to feel strong. Feeding my body delicious, nutritious foods providing my body with healthy energy. I love soul food and capturing moments. The feeling of confidence. Poetry. I love sleepy, needy puppies. The power of words. To write. I love the early hours, a light pink sky. A gentle breeze. I love to stretch. Spending time alone, quieting the mind. Self-growth. Art. I love travelling, exploring the world. Observing people. The ocean. Outer space. I love snowy mountains. Mother Nature. The animals.

I love being me. But most of all, I wish to inspire you. Humans. 

I’m so thrilled you found my site NURTURING THYSELF. Welcome! I’m a health-conscious foodie and creator of this homepage. I was born in Finland, and recently moved back to my home country after living in Stockholm for ten years. As I’ve always been an admirer of school I have bachelor degrees in both Hospitality Management & Journalism. Furthermore, I’ve taken a course in Brand Management, and I’ve also received a diploma in personal nutrition and an advanced diploma in principles of nutrition from the online education provider Shaw Academy.

And… At the moment I’m taking a course in crisis psychology at the University in Turku. I’m always eager to learn new things, and educate myself. I strongly believe that one can’t have too much knowledge (wisdom). 

My wish is to inspire you to become more aware; learn to listen to that inner voice, your intuition, your heart. That voice of yours is powerful. I wish to inspire you to believe in yourself. Believe and understand that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. You’re a powerful human being. We all are.

Apart from being a health-conscious foodie and creative soul, I’m also deeply passionate about writing, well-being, mindfulness, yoga, boxing and travelling, not to mention my new found hobby; painting.


NURTURING THYSELF is all about empowerment, self-awareness and mindfulness. If you’re interested in healthy (and mostly) plant-based eating I advice you to visit my food blog Health Food & Other Stories on Foodly (only in Swedish) where I’ll start food blogging from February 2018.

Healthy, clean and nutritious are the keywords in my diet. I don’t believe in quick-fixes and scary diets. I choose a sustainable lifestyle that is good for me and my body all year round. I strongly believe that we can prevent diseases by choosing healthy, clean and nutritious foods. We need to treat our bodies with respect and love, and feed them with loads of healthy goodies in order to feel energized, strong and happy. Don’t we?

I aspire to inspire. And I do hope my writing will inspire you to a healthier lifestyle. Most important; while you’re busy trying to figure life out remember to experiment, have fun and choose a lifestyle that is most suitable for you.

Linda Maria Vestman





  1. Elke Hempel says

    Hej Linda
    Vad glad jag är att jag har hittat din sida! Du har massor med trevliga recept som jag måste testa både här hemma och för mitt barnbarn som är autistisk och har blivit väldigt bra av kost utan mjölk, gluten, socker och soja. Ska nog lusläsa! Under tiden: Får jag dela med mig av din sida?

    • Hej Elke!
      Vad roligt att du tycker om min sida och att du förhoppningsvis får användning av den! Såklart du får dela med dig av den 🙂 Tack, tack!

      Med vänlig hälsning och trevlig midsommar!

  2. Therese says

    Hej Linda! Är så glad att jag råkade ramla in på din sida! Så väldigt läckra recept du delar med dig av! Otroligt inspirerande och en stor hjälp i min nya sundare livsstil! TACK! Med vänlig hälsning/Therese

    • Hej Therese,

      Vad glad jag blir av din kommentar och härligt att du gillar recepten! Lycka till med den sundare livsstilen 🙂 Allt gott!

      Med vänlig hälsning,

  3. Anne-Lie LunD says

    Hej Linda!!
    Är så glad över att jag hittade din toppensida!
    Så många bra tips o recept!
    Den blir en favorit för mig😄
    Ha en fin dag/Anne-Lie😄


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