Who is Linda?

I am a self-taught intuitive painter.

What is a self-taught intuitive painter you might ask? Well, to begin with, I do not have an art degree; as a matter of fact I was not even good at arts while in school (in case you would ask my art teacher). This being said, I do love colors – I appreciate messing around with paint, releasing emotions and feelings while being caught up in the process of creating. For me art is a form of self-expression. I believe that within each and every one of us lies an artist, wanting to be released. Humans were born to create, and the beauty within that is that there are limitless possibilities for us to embrace our craft. We just need to be still, and open to receiving guidance from the universe. Sometimes the guidance comes in the form of a quiet voice, whispering; ”You need to start painting” – like it did to me.

Where does your mind wander when you allow it to travel freely?

I find art to be one of the most beautiful forms of self-expression. The advantage of art is that it can be translated to everyone; you don’t have to be speaking a certain language, or being a certain age, or having a certain background, in order to understand and appreciate art. Art is for everyone. The only thing required from the observer is a sense of curiosity, a willingness to see beyond the five senses, and a desire to tap into their imagination – and that is the moment when art becomes boundless, just like us humans.

What is more, my desire to serve people has always been strong. I have been working within customer-service for many years; nothing that has to do with painting, writing or human development, nonetheless, it has helped me broaden my awareness. I have become aware that there are different ways to serve people, and one way I believe is serving through your craft – and in my case this happens to be through painting or writing.

”My wish is that each piece of art will transmit you joy, bliss, hope and possibilities. I hope you sense a deep feeling of self-love, trust and optimism when you lose yourself in the paintings.

Know that whatever you seek; it is already resting within you – power, abundance, love, prosperity, peace and success. I hope you know that you are worthy of all your desires.”

With love,


8 kommentarer

  1. Elke Hempel säger

    Hej Linda
    Vad glad jag är att jag har hittat din sida! Du har massor med trevliga recept som jag måste testa både här hemma och för mitt barnbarn som är autistisk och har blivit väldigt bra av kost utan mjölk, gluten, socker och soja. Ska nog lusläsa! Under tiden: Får jag dela med mig av din sida?

    • Hej Elke!
      Vad roligt att du tycker om min sida och att du förhoppningsvis får användning av den! Såklart du får dela med dig av den 🙂 Tack, tack!

      Med vänlig hälsning och trevlig midsommar!

  2. Therese säger

    Hej Linda! Är så glad att jag råkade ramla in på din sida! Så väldigt läckra recept du delar med dig av! Otroligt inspirerande och en stor hjälp i min nya sundare livsstil! TACK! Med vänlig hälsning/Therese

    • Hej Therese,

      Vad glad jag blir av din kommentar och härligt att du gillar recepten! Lycka till med den sundare livsstilen 🙂 Allt gott!

      Med vänlig hälsning,

  3. Anne-Lie LunD säger

    Hej Linda!!
    Är så glad över att jag hittade din toppensida!
    Så många bra tips o recept!
    Den blir en favorit för mig😄
    Ha en fin dag/Anne-Lie😄



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