Månad: september 2020

The utmost freedom

”When humans stop running away from themselves, the world will become a kinder, more peaceful place.” At times freedom has little to do with the outside world, and circumstances. Man becomes free the moment he becomes free of thought. When he does not longer obsess over the constant chatter in his mind, but instead turns towards the heart. Freedom from compulsive thinking, desire, addiction, outside validation, constant approval. How does one become free of all that? I think one needs to stop. One needs to allow himself to slow down, to listen. When one is constantly bombarding himself with stimuli from outside sources it becomes nearly impossible to hear, or see anything. How is one able to listen to the whispers of the soul if one is continually caught up in the outside circus? How is it possible to become aware of the song of the heart when the sirens of the external environment is set on full volume? One does not typically feel comfortable sitting alone with one’s thoughts. To realise just how dysfunctional …

Small daily habits to improve your life

”Ask yourself; Does this support my innermost being?” While being perfect is rather boring, we should instead strive to be a bit more willing to be the best version of ourselves. A version that will change from day to day, from hour to hour even. Some days we learn, some days we win. However, we don’t stop when the mountain gets too high or the sea too rough. Rather, we adjust. We may scream a little (or a lot), we may laugh at our foolishness. But we continue, we adapt. And that’s how we evolve. ”Fragile you are, little seed. Planted in the depths of thick, dark, nourishing soil. Resilient you are, blooming flower. Early spring.” I strongly believe it’s the small daily habits that encompass the greatest value on our overall wellbeing. Like waking up early dawn, knowing it’s time to make yourself a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The smell and sound of coffee beans grinding. The taste of creamy oat milk, nicely poured on top of a hot, steamy cup of goodness. …

In art I find peace

”Home is where the heart is – within.” .. and that I believe is the most beautiful thing about our hearts: that there’s enough space for everyone. in a world where everythingis chaoticbe the onebreathing calminto it all slow livingthe new living – some things,not meantto be rushed. it’s when the safety around ushas been taken away from usthat it’s time to relyon the safety within listen to the universewhile it sings to youdon’t wait until it screamscause it will