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Rise in love

”Choose love over fear. Over and over again”


A lot of us go through life with the assumption that love is difficult. Love is not difficult; we humans make it difficult. As a matter of fact, love is pretty simple – it’s life, in its purest form. It’s being vulnerable, authentic and raw. It’s walking side by side with the strongest force of them all. Without it we would not be. We would not exist.

Darling human, if you seek love – be love.

I love soft hearts, the birth of a new day, watching the sky, at night, brimming with stars. I love a white canvas, painting my life, feeding my soul. I love talking to strangers, deep conversations, I smile, when you smile. I love waking up early dawn, life’s still asleep, my heart wide awake. I love writing, feeding you hope, feeding you joy and laughter. I love the moon, the sun, and the stars. I love summer. In fact, I love all seasons. Autumn, winter, spring. I love the serenity of nature, the richness and wisdom she provides. I love books. Oh, how I adore a great book. I love walking in an empty street, the stillness, the force of life running through my veins. I love a crowded market place, a foreign country, conversations I don’t understand, however, I read faces, I read eyes. I love lips on lips, skin on skin. I love the sunset, the sunrise, thunderstorms and heavy rain. I love gaining wisdom, interacting with people from all walks of life. I love humans. I love animals. I love the space, the air, the feeling of freedom and peace of mind. I love the sun caressing my cheeks, the light, late at night, shining through my window. I love deep connections, emotions wide awake, speaking feelings, speaking truth. I love being in the moment, cherishing every heartbeat. I love kissing in the rain, tears running down my cheeks, butterflies in my tummy. I love watching snow falling, flowers blooming, leaves turning red. I love written words, from deep within, poetry. I love red lips, the feeling of confidence, smiling at strangers. I love dancing, music, doing yoga, the human body. I love black coffee, brown eyes, adventurous souls. I love humor, falling asleep, with a smile on my face, waking up, with peace in my heart. I love being sensitive, a soul packed with emotions, filled with love, hope and passion. I love finding myself, every day. I love love. Tell me what you love.



I wanted to share a video with a poem written for my friends Sofia & Michael, for their wedding earlier this summer. Their love inspires me. I guess love in general inspires me. The greatest force of them all, connecting us all together. We humans need more love. This planet needs more love. Cause without it? We are nothing. Have nothing.






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