Månad: oktober 2017

Pumpkins & Halloween

‘By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.’ – William Shakespeare, Macbeth   Is fall my new favourite season? It might well be. However, I do still love summer, but autumn… I believe you stepped up your game. Halloween & pumpkins – Let the festivities begin! And how can one not fall in love with October? Dark nights, colourful days, fuzzy socks, books, creative writing, candle lights, spicy soups, a sky full of stars, cosy sweaters and ice cold fingers. If I only had a dog. Then it would be picture perfect. Ha! One can at least wish… Photos: Emelie Lassfolkh

Breathing in the crisp air

‘When seeking pure awareness the best thing one can do is to silently witness the beauty of nature. How effortlessly she’s unfolding her treasures. So transparent, yet so forceful. Copy her, and let yourself be amazed.’   – Linda   The best thing one can do in order to relax and unwind is to spend some precious time close to Mother Nature. Especially those days when she’s picture perfect, taken straight from a fairy tale; crispy autumn breeze, colorful leaves and the October sun caressing our souls. Whenever I’m in doubt, or in need of some motivation & inspiration, I usually go for a walk and breath in the serenity of nature. It works wonders, every time. She’s magic, no doubt. After a 90 minutes walk I’ve been sipping on a large, green smoothie, cleaning out my closet, editing pictures, writing, and thinking about going to the gym. Weekends like these, when October is spoiling us with her kindness, I’m extra grateful for crispy, sunny autumn days. Heartbeats You’re not here, but that’s simply because …

What I learned working in Customer Service

”A simple act of kindness costs very little, but the dividend is remarkably powerful.” Most of my adult years I’ve been working in customer service, either as a full-time job or as a part-time job while studying. You might not expect a slightly introverted person to be working in customer service, but besides being more of an introvert I’m very kind-hearted, and I don’t mind helping people. In other words; I thrive off being able to help others. Even though some of the jobs drove me a bit crazy at times I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for all the experiences I’ve gained. In my opinion working in customer service is a wonderful life lesson. It’s the most perfect way to learn more about human beings, and the way we behave in different situations. With that said, I’ve gathered some of the most important things I’ve learned after many years of serving people. Don’t take anything personally  What a person says to you says more about the person than it …

A sunny weekend in Vienna

‘Autumn killed the summer with the softest kiss.’ _____________ d.j. Hello from beautiful and sunny Vienna. I’m visiting my childhood friend Anna for the weekend and we’ve been enjoying a couple of lovely autumn days here in Austrias capital city. It’s my first time in this gorgeous city, and I really like the atmosphere – all the beautiful buildings, the architecture, the market places, and of course, the Wiener Melange – a speciality coffee drink similar to cappuccino. Not to forget all the traditional Wiener cafés. We’ve been eating delicious vegan food (which is by the way very easy to find), strolling around the city, drinking coffee and enjoying apfelstrudeln, visiting Schönbrunn, and yesterday we visited the art museum Belvedere. I’m flying home tomorrow so still one day left to explore. Below you find a mix of pictures from the past days. The sun has been shining the entire weekend. Just lovely. Liebe Gruesse aus Wien ❤