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It’s all magic

”I allow magic to enter my life.”


We live in a vast world, surrounded by an never ending space of pure light, and darkness. We are spinning around within a universe, embraced by planets, stars, galaxies, love and pure bright light. The body you’re in is capable of doing a lot of wondrous things; it can give birth to new life, whether it’s a creative project or a new human being. It can create beauty, excitement, joy and laughter. Our human brain can create innovations, dreams and realities. Being human, means we’re here to create. We’re here to create magic.

There are a lot of things occurring each and every day on this planet that we humans simply can’t understand, or explain with our words. Our western society has taught us that if we can’t back up our statements with proper facts and figures, and give a perfect reason for something happening it can’t be valid. It can’t be true. And god forbid if we put our trust into something which can’t be explained properly – you stupid human, haven’t school thought you anything?! You’re so naive. Don’t get me wrong, science is great, in fact, without it the world would be long gone. We humans need science, we need facts and figures in order to understand ourselves and this world. However, what I’m trying to say is, that there are things, circumstances, situations, conditions and effects that simply can’t be understood from our conditioned human mind’s point of view.

You are here right now, in this moment, in this day of age, and you’re trying to tell me that that’s not magic? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not going to listen to your i know everything, this is how it’s supposed to be, give me proof otherwise i don’t believe it. Darling human, if we only knew how much magic there are out there that we have no idea of, things we can’t fully grasp, things that are so out of this world it can’t be put on paper. Things that can’t be learned in classrooms. And isn’t that what makes it even more exciting? That we have no clue whatsoever about certain things. We. Have. No. Fu***ng. Idea.

”You’re the one in control of how you choose to react
to the life happening for you.”

And what is more, I’m not going to listen to your victim mentality; all the why me, life is always working against me, i’m not worthy, i can’t do anything, i’m not good at anything, i’m never going to be happy, i have no control of my life. Just stop. Stop it already.

Everything starts with you. It starts with your outlook on life. It starts from deep within your soul – that’s where all the magic lies, waiting to bloom, waiting to shed some light on this world. How come you don’t see, you’re already everything you need. You don’t need anything, or anyone, in order to feel happy, fulfilled. You’re the one in control of how you choose to react to the life happening for you. Stop seeking outside validation, stop comparing your worst days to someone’s fake online life. Focus on yourself, focus on your magic.

If there is something you wish to do, but don’t have enough nerve, or you’re waiting for some kind of stupid sign that you’re actually allowed to do it; then here it is – your stupid sign – do it. Just go out and do it. What’s the worst thing that can happen really? You might fail. However who cares, when it means you tried? You dared to try, you dared to follow your dream. Your magic. You might succeed. However who cares, since it shouldn’t be your only reason for doing it. You should do it out of love. You should do it because it brings you life.

You’re not more or less than anyone else walking on this planet, including the animals. And no one else is more or less than you. We are equals, meaning we should support each others dreams. Someone’s success does not mean that now there’s less success for you. No, quite the opposite – there’s plenty for everyone to go around – if we only shared more, gave more, to one another. What you have, someone else might be lacking, the same way that someone else might have something that you need more of – sharing what we have with our fellow humans should be a main purpose in our lives. To share the magic that lie underneath, waiting to be released.

Darling, you are magic. Waking up every morning, is magic. Being here, is magic. The way nature provides us with her beauty, each and every day, is magic. The way the beam of sunlight caresses your tearfilled cheek, is magic. The way you laugh, is magic. The way you look into another person’s eyes and see magic, is magic. The way the ocean waves crash against the steep cliffs, is magic. The way you can change your life in a blink of an eye, is magic. Whether you believe it or not, its’ magic. It’s up to you how you choose to see your life here on earth. It’s your responsibility; not your spouse’s, nor your friends’ or family’s. It’s your responsibility.

Your life is happening now, it’s happening with each and every one of your breathes. Don’t take it for granted – enjoy the rollercoaster, enjoy the in-betweens, the stillness, the silence. That’s where the real magic is housing. Are you ready to embrace it? Are you ready to listen to what it has to say? And don’t get all worked up – I promise you, you won’t be able to understand it fully, although you have a doctor’s degree in whatever.

It’s magic. And magic is supposed to be felt, not understood.




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