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Discovering flow

Maybe it’s not so much about finding oneself, but more so about discovering, and uncovering that self.

”I want to live life in such a manner that my words will never die.”


Lately I’ve noticed that the quieter my surroundings, hence the less stimuli I expose myself to, the more space I create for my inner voice to shine through.

I easily distract myself with either work, social media, music, a podcast, a book or by watching YouTube. However, I do cherish the time off in-between; doing yoga, taking a walk in nature, exercising or meditating. Nevertheless, even then it’s not completely quiet around me, since I always have music, a podcast or a book in my ears.

After one week with less stimuli, and outside distractions, I’ve once again noticed the importance of silence in order to hear the silent whispers of the soul, and to reach that so called flow state.

It’s not uncommon that we humans find the silence to be boring and even frustrating – especially if one is not used to it. And if one is running away from their feelings, their thoughts or from life itself, the silence can even become unbearable. Nonetheless, after a couple of days one really starts to appreciate the stillness, and one might even learn how to use the hours with softness, despite the discomfort.

What to do with the silence?

Ease in to it, and trust that within the silence lies a significant amount of wisdom, ready to be experienced by you. The only thing required is your presence.

I’ve been faced with a rather bad vertigo since last Sunday, and the whole week I’ve been forced to take it easy. Instead of escaping the silence I’ve been inviting the silence. By embracing doing absolutely nothing I’ve noticed how the words have started flowing more effortlessly to me. Being on the yoga mat, doing some light stretching, without any distractions, is exactly what my soul has been starving for. It’s like it has created space within, for new energy to enter.

I truly believe creativity stems from an external source outside of us. This force is searching for an attentive and open-minded human being to feel, or experience, this subtle shift in energies, and thereby transform it into something tangible, whether it’s a painting, a poem, a novel or an invention. And by being in stillness, one allows for this energy to do its thing. To work its magic.

”And maybe it’s actually not so much about changing, but more so about becoming the person one always has been. Not finding oneself, but recognising and honouring that self.”


So, a little advice from me to you; Don’t rush through the moments of silence, the moments of stillness, cause within their insignificance lie a more subtle meaning. To fill the most ordinary day with joy and bliss is within your reach each and every day. Take a glimpse within, and know, while there’s no need to rush through life, there’s a tremendous need to start appreciating life. To start treating it with love and care. Breath after breath.

With this being said, I do believe we can learn a lot from Mother Nature when it comes to embracing the silence, embracing the now and issness of the moment. While dancing through seasons, she does not rush. Taking her time – to unwind, to unfold, to let go and to transform. Allowing herself to bloom. Month after month. Year after year. Going through phases fully present, fully alive. Fully confident in her transparency and vulnerability. Wise enough to know, that letting go doesn’t necessarily mean being deprived of, but creating space, creating opportunity. She has her end-goals and dreams, however, at the same time she acknowledges the process and the in-betweens. The tranquility of being winter when she’s winter, and summer when she’s summer.



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