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Spring clean your thoughts

”… and gradually they all returned to being,
human again.”

First day of spring finally arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere, as we celebrated the Spring Equinox yesterday. With lighter days, comes a lighter mind. As we’re faced with challenging times we need to remind ourselves that it’s always darkest before the dawn. Use this early spring month to not only clean up your surroundings, but your thoughts as well. Lovingly let yourself be guided by your inner voice, let it steer you home.

Mother Nature said enough, time to rest. Time to return to being. Listen to the lyrics, the tone, the message. Dear human, quiet down the mental chatter, create space and learn how to effortlessly move, and surrender, to the beat.

Spring is a beautiful time to rearrange and revamp yourself. After a long, and more peaceful winter it’s time to take action. Many of us may find ourselves in situations which makes it a little more demanding to get things done; we may not have the possibilities, as many of us are locked inside. Still, every step forward counts, however small it may seem. By cleaning up not only our minds, but our bodies and souls, we will slowly but surely clean up our outside as well. So within, so without.

Personally, when I look at my own situation I believe that there’s no holding back anymore. The safety around us may have been taken away from us, however, isn’t it then when we should rely on the safety within us… Now is not the time to give up, rather, now is the time to show what we’re made of. I have this feeling, that we will all get through this, in a beautiful, unexpected way.

”Listen to the universe while it sings to you, don’t wait until it screams, cause it will.” 

As I strongly believe in logic, and thinking rationally, I also put faith in something that is far bigger than we can comprehend. Something that can’t be explained in words. This something (whatever you wish to call it – God, Allah, Buddha, the Universe, Source, Intuition, Higher Self) is watching over us, wanting what’s best for us. With a universe this vast, how can we say that magic doesn’t exist?

The universe is talking to us every hour during the day, we just have to open up all our senses in order to receive. The past week I’ve been getting more signs than ever – I see heart shaped signs several times a day, number sequences that have a personal meaning to me, dreams being more vivid, song lyrics… And most importantly, I embrace them, as they help to create a bouquet of safety and hope during uncertainty.

We are limitless beings, and there’s so much we can do and create. While nothing is certain in life but change, why don’t we release the pressure we’ve been carrying on our shoulders, and instead put trust in ourselves, and humanity. It’s always our responsibility to continue learning, whether or not things go our way.

Start by asking yourself questions, in order to get to know yourself again. We have all the time in the world to turn inwards, and explore the depths of our beings. Why don’t we use this time to our advantage; for the betterment of humanity, and our planet. It’s never too late to change, to evolve and to transform into a better human – into the humans we are all meant to become. I believe Mother Nature is asking us to go within, to explore, and to go beyond what we thought was possible.

You can ask yourself whatever questions you like. Below you’ll find a few examples;

  • How do you wish to live your days?
  • When are you at your happiest? (what are you doing when you’re are at your happiest?)
  • What kind of thoughts do you wish to carry?
  • Who would you be without the limiting beliefs, negative thoughts?
  • Who are you, when you’re at your best?
  • What (who) inspires you?
  • What does the best version of yourself look like? 
  • What would you like to give to the world?
  • What are your most positive traits?
  • What areas of yourself, and your life, are in need of improvements?
  • Do you love yourself?
  • If you would know that you would die tomorrow, what would you regret not doing? 

I think it’s of utmost importance how we choose to use this time, this present moment. How we choose to react to everything happening for us. We may become sick, people we love may become sick, we may be far away from our people, we may lose our jobs. However, we’ll never be deprived of love, faith, happiness, compassion, kindness, hope, joy and laughter; as these are things that can’t be lost. We may struggle to find them at times, but they are never lost – they are always here, within, patiently waiting for us, to rise beyond our wildest dreams.

With this being said, while it’s good to cherish the moment, it’s also good to have something to look forward to. At least I know I’m looking forward to the day when I can hug all the people I love again. You may be far apart from the people you hold dear to your heart, but know, you’re carrying them within, wherever you are, wherever you go.

… And that I believe is the most beautiful thing about our hearts; that there’s enough space for everyone.

With ❤



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