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How to cope during times of self-isolation

”You are never alone;we have each other.”

During tough times it’s more important than ever that we spend time doing things that make us feel a little more peaceful. Whether it’s breathing a little deeper, spending extra time with loved ones, cooking healthy meals, reading books or having long conversations over the phone. It’s okay to be afraid, but fear or panic is never the answer. It will never be the answer. Now is not the time to be selfish; you may be strong, but the man you meet on the street may not. Be compassionate.

It’s when the safety around us has been taken away from us, that it’s time for us to rely on the safety within us. 

Below you’ll find three ways/mindsets to embrace during these difficult times affecting all of us.

Take care, and know that you can always reach out via an email or a comment. I’m happy to connect ❤

How to cope during times of self-isolation


1. The importance of routine

During trauma or uncertainty it’s highly important that we keep up with our daily routines. If you’re forced to work from home, and it’s something that you’re not used to, it can be very difficult to establish good and healthy routines. Therefore, before you start your day it’s good to plan out small things you will do every day. For example wake up at the same time every morning, do some light stretching/yoga/home workout, eat a nourishing breakfast and communicate with your family members, and really hear each other out.

And don’t forget the kids; it’s of utmost importance that we have an honest and open communication with our children about what’s going on in the world. However, keep it simple and straightforward, children use another vocabulary than we, nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they should be neglected in the conversation. Let them speak, and then listen, really listen to what they have to say. And if you’re home alone -> pick up the phone, don’t sit alone with your thoughts; it’s extremely vital for your mental wellbeing that you can talk to someone about how you’re feeling. Moreover, if you’re allowed to go out then use that time to soak up the fresh air, take a walk and be grateful that you’re breathing.

2. The importance of mindfulness

Now is the time to go within, and to practice slow living. It’s the perfect time to truly exercise acceptance of what is. How we choose to react to the outer circumstances is up to us. It’s completely normal to worry about the health of our family and friends, our financial situation, and everything else that comes with it. However, as soon as we start dwelling within the anxiety and helplessness it will become toxic. We have to focus on the solutions, rather than the problems. If we let the mental chatter and negative feelings dictate our day-to-day living we will of course suffer tremendously. It’s not about neglecting our feelings, it’s about not letting the feelings grab hold of us and completely tear us down.

Make it simple. Start the day in silence. To let the mind relax, and to just sit with yourself, will benefit you in so many ways. By being still your mind has the opportunity to create space for new thoughts to enter, and while doing so it becomes more alert and aware. And while sitting in stillness you open yourself up to new solutions –  solutions you may not had thought of if you would have been busy feeding the mind with consuming too much news, worrying about the future or being completely lost in negative self-talk.

Take ten minutes. Ten minutes. Turn off all your distractions, take a comfy seat and start following your breath. As soon as you notice you’ve drifted away, gently return back to your breathing. And yes you will drift away, many many times during ten minutes, but every time you become aware of doing so – gently return back to the breathing, feeling your in-breath, as well as your out-breath. No pressure, it’s only you, and your breathing, connecting to your body.  Ten minutes when you’re fully dedicated to one of the most beautiful things of all – your breathing.

3. The importance of doing things that make you happy

Whether it’s reading all the books you haven’t had the time to read, painting, writing, cooking healthy meals, dancing, listening to music, talking with your friends via Skype, or learning a new language – do it, simply cause it makes you more connected to yourself. Personally I’m very happy that I have an online course in Clinical Psychology starting next week, since I will have all the time in the world to focus on feeding my brain with new knowledge.

With this said, now it’s extra important that we embrace all these small stuff that make us extra happy. That we take the time to show appreciation to the things around us, however modest they may seem. We have to hold on to the hope that something good will come out of this. Now we have the power to change the way we are living, the way we have been thinking, detoxing ourselves from judgment, negative self-talk, and toxic behaviour. We have all the time in the world to go within, and to embrace all that we are. There lies an enormous strength within you; now you have a golden opportunity to release it, cling to it, and to never loose sight of it.

With ❤


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  1. I’ve been hibernating these last few days. I am fully embracing it!!! Closing myself out from the outside world, trying to minimize social media use and get into a more routine of slower and meditative living. This pandemic is a pause for all of humanity on many different levels. This will truly change many of us and how we live life once this is over. Thank you for the tips!

    • It sounds that you’re fully embracing it 🙏 These times are hard on all of us, but in order to not make it unbearable it’s vital what we choose to do with it. It’s definitely a pause for all of humanity. And it’s a reminder that we’re all in this togerher. Hopefully this will bring all of us more into union ♥️ Be safe and take care.

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