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Talk about what you love

”Dear life, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


My darlings, let’s talk about the things we love, shall we?

I love soft hearts, the birth of a new season, watching the sky, at night, brimming with stars. I love a white canvas, painting my life, feeding my soul. I love talking to strangers, deep conversations, I smile, when you smile. I love waking up early dawn, life’s still asleep, my heart wide awake. I love writing, feeding you hope, feeding you joy and laughter. I love the moon, the sun, and the stars. I love summer. In fact, I love all seasons. Autumn, winter, spring. I love the serenity of nature, the richness and wisdom she provides. I love books. Oh, how I adore a great book. I love walking in an empty street, the stillness, the force of life running through my veins. I love a crowded market place, a foreign country, conversations I don’t understand, however, I read faces, I read eyes. I love lips on lips, skin on skin. I love the sunset, the sunrise, thunderstorms and heavy rain. I love gaining wisdom, interacting with people from all walks of life. I love humans. I love animals. I love the space, the air, the feeling of freedom and peace of mind. I love the sun caressing my cheeks, the light, late at night, shining through my window. I love deep connections, emotions wide awake, speaking feelings, speaking truth. I love being in the moment, cherishing every heartbeat. I love kissing in the rain, tears running down my cheeks, butterflies in my tummy. I love watching snow falling, flowers blooming, leaves turning red. I love written words, from deep within, poetry. I love red lips, the feeling of confidence, smiling at strangers. I love dancing, music, doing yoga, the human body. I love black coffee, brown eyes, adventurous souls. I love humor, falling asleep, with a smile on my face, waking up, with peace in my heart. I love being sensitive, a soul packed with emotions, filled with love, hope and passion. I love finding myself, everyday.

I love love.

Tell me what you love.



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