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How to get through difficult change

”Your eyes talk to me all the time. Totally unaware of your words, speaking their own, unique language.


I like that language.”


Change is inevitable, growth is optional. Whether or not it’s good change, bad change – change we create ourselves or change that we don’t have control over – both natural, and spontaneous changes will happen throughout your life. Don’t resist the seasons changing, since that only creates sadness and even more struggle, instead learn to flow with the current.

Letting things flow naturally is, however, easier said than done. It requires a great deal of patience and an eagerness to reclaim the power that might have been lost along the way. Last but not least, you should always remember not to be too hard on yourself. You’re only human after all.

”It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

– Charles Darwin

With this being said, below you’ll find a few life perspectives that hopefully can assist you when you find yourself stuck in the middle of a life changing situation;

Have faith

Trust the timing of your life. Understand that everything happens for a reason, whether the reason is for you to grow, to be open for new opportunities, or it might simply be a well needed wake up call. Trust that everything is working out for your good. Although it might not seem like it at the moment, a change is usually a start of something even better, a new beginning. Change is both painful and beautiful at the same time; do not fight it, instead use it to your advantage.


Acceptance is key. Even though the change is hard, try to grasp the reason behind it. When you finally get to the other side of change you will understand why it was necessary; why it had to take place. Sometimes we get so stuck at where we are that we completely lose focus and our ability to move forward. Usually, at times like that, change will happen, whether we like it or not. After a while you can see more clearly, and finally understand why it was doomed to happen. Since you weren’t able to make the change happen, it had to happen, with or without your consent.

Find the humor

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take life seriously, cause let’s face it; change can be hard, in fact it can be really tough. However, the human experience should be all about balance, meaning when you take a step back and begin to look at things with humor you take a bit of the heaviness off.

By all means, you’re allowed to grief; it’s necessary in order to heal, but you should also remember to find the good in your every day life, as to lighten yourself up.

Focus on solutions

To every problem there’s a solution. Always focus on the solutions, not the problems. If you’re boiling over with deeply strong emotions try using them to create something. In other words, take advantage of your feelings. Channel your emotions through writing, painting, exercising – anything that takes the pressure off, and makes you feel more as yourself again. Most often the most unique creations can come out of sadness, grief, loneliness and pain. Whatever you might be feeling; use those feelings to heal. Take it day by day, step by step – move forward in your own pace, and eventually you’ll blossom again. Oftentimes hard change lead to breakthroughs, and when you choose to stay open you might discover things about yourself you otherwise never would have noticed.

Face your fears

”The fears we don’t face become our limits.”

When you accept your fears, and start facing them, they will lose their power over you. To be amidst of a big life change can be very daunting, at least if you’re the one wanting to have complete control, however, the best thing you can do is surrender, and simply let things unfold naturally. Keep in mind that some things you just can’t control, and the more you try to, the messier it gets. The best thing you can do, is to let go, and go with the flow.

Not knowing what the future will hold can of course be real nerve-wracking, nevertheless, remember that with a little bit of hope, and plenty of faith everything will, eventually, work out for your best. Don’t let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen. Trust that everything will come to you in the right time – do your best to work on yourself, and strive for progression each and every day. And bare in mind, the tiniest progress is better than no progress at all. It’s within the present moment that our futures are created.

Darling, don’t fear change. Let it build you into a more powerful and confident human being.



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