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Pure intentions

”Choose authenticity and your life will begin to change.”

Like a loyal friend you return, each and every year, dear autumn, dear fall. However, every time you bring something new, something unique. Oaks dressed in crimson, leaves in brightest red. And I’ve learned to trust that there’s nothing more to dread, about things once said. 

You stir me, make me question every thought, every action. The way you always manage to keep it fresh and wild, darling fall child. You steady me, make me feel at peace, at home. Yet, eventually you’ll leave, making room for the cold, whilst the whitest snow turning into gold.

Blissful laughters in the wind; You’re still alive. Act like it. Everything falling into place, even though everything seems to be falling to pieces, leaves melting to the ground, capitulating in the arms of winter. We endure the fire, the wind and the waves. Travelling within seasons, eventually finding our way.

With every dawn we have the opportunity to change our todays, as well as our tomorrows. We start by changing how we feel. We learn how to choose happiness, laughter and bravery. We learn how to trust love. It’s never too late. Plot twist. Just as the sun brings the daylight, and just as the moon illuminates the world when it’s dark, your presence lingers within every human you once touched with your heart.

We learn how to stop complaining, how to stop criticising and finding faults within other people, as well as within ourselves. We focus on things that make us grow, things that make our fellow humans grow. Within pure intention lies inspiration. Evolution and self-mastery. What we choose right now matters. It’s the one thing that determines the next step, and the next, and the next. One moment at a time. Speak to strangers, speak to the stars. Learn a language, learn to laugh. Learn to love. Love yourself.

We belong to the seasons, they do not belong to us. As we’re allowed to play with nature’s beauty, treasure her transformations, her letting go and becoming, we’re never allowed to take her compassionate spirit for granted. Whenever she whishes, she can choose to disappear, leave us, with nothing but lifeless trees, and crying flowers. Let her crimson sunsets nourish you, let her wild ocean replenish you, let her bravery inspire you. Open your eyes to the beauty within, red leaves falling, dark nights ascending. It’s always darkest before dawn.

And if you think her november rain is too heavy, you don’t deserve her blossoming trees early April. She’s a once in a lifetime season, paving the way for the winter, and eventually the spring. This cycle of life, this cycle of you, beautifully entwined, while moving towards the summer, perfectly aligned.



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