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Dear June…

… you bring us peace. Love and laughter.

”Lost in a crowd of people. And your eyes were the ones to hit my soul.”


Dear June, your delightful, warm summer nights making our hearts pound faster. Soothing our restless souls. Wide open, we are, while watching the sunset gracefully transforming into sunrise.

I look at you, and wonder out of all the months in the world, I’m happy to have found one that is so perfect for me.

June is for hot, magical, never-ending evenings. The sun wide awake. But please, don’t go back to sleep, you’re one to keep. June is for finding the happy within. Smelling roses and counting stars. Eating strawberries and breathing in vitamin sea. June is for dancing with the waves, playing with nature, kissing the soft, morning rain. You’re impeccable, just the way you are. 

This June is all about not forcing things. What flows, flows. What crashes, crashes. There’s only space for the things that are meant for us. It’s about beautiful words, beautiful beings. It’s happening right here. Right now. It’s about speaking with integrity. Not being afraid to speak our truth. Throwing out limiting beliefs, negative self-talk. It’s about becoming what we believe ourselves to be. Trusting and accepting oneself. Loving oneself. Don’t ever forget to smell the blessings around you. Don’t ever forget to be you.


”Wild, my darling, be wild. Don’t let them tame you.”


I welcome you dear June, my passionate friend. I sense we’ll have a blast. Forgetting all about the past.



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