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You are never fully completed

”There will always be room for more;more wisdom, more love, more you.”


I think that is one of the biggest problem with humanity today; that we are so caught up in our own lives, in our own way of living, that we think that it is the only way to live.

It’s not.

Our friends, family and neighbour might choose a completely different path, and that’s ok. It’s totally fine. Diversity is what makes us thrive. What makes us bloom like an early spring day. Everyone flourishing differently, unapologetically, in their own way.

Humans need to learn from each other; gain wisdom, love and clarity by interacting with one another. First and foremost, we need to start listening. Listening without judgement. Listening with respect for our fellow humans. Asking questions, when we do not understand.

Ask, and listen.

My path may be different from yours, my goals may be far from yours, and my desires may be too much for you to handle. And that’s ok. It’s totally fine.

I want you to walk your own path. I want you to have your own goals and desires. I want you to be you. And please, let me be me.

You will never see me exploit you. You will never see me inflict any pain or harm on you. I simply want you to shine like the mother fu**er star you are.

Humbleness is a trait so very easily forgotten. We want to know it all, have it all, always wanting to be better than our competitors; wanting to be numero uno. Striving for something that doesn’t even exist, but in our minds.

Dear human, you will never be fully completed. Life is a journey, a roller coaster that needs to be fully experienced, up and down, down and up.

You will never reach destination ”I have it all figured out.”

What if we became at peace with that thought? Would you think that a sense of fulfilment would slowly start rising within?

A sense of feeling that it’s ok to be who you are; raw and honest. Constantly learning. Constantly evolving and growing.

I may not be today who I was yesterday. I may not be tomorrow who I am today. But I will always be me.

Constantly trying my best, 


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