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”That thing about being one by your side, exquisite in all our phases.”


You’re so beautiful you make me freeze. 

Dear winter, just as the ground underneath the softest, crystal snow, we’re resting in your arms. Being one with the cold awakening breeze. You’re the only one to stop our motion, our addiction to hurry. Bringing us to our knees, becoming solid. Finding everything we’ll ever need. Being one with your freezing breath.

You teach us plenty. But most of all, you teach us how to rest, to go within. How to be cheerful, while creating angels in your smooth, comfy arms. Refreshed, with red noses, burning hearts. Hot cocoa. Hot fire flames. Pause. Unwind and let go. It’s time for lighthearted action. Moving gently with the snowflakes, leaving footprints behind. Always finding our way back home.

Can you sense it?

The sun on your cheek.

The light in your heart. 

If we only knew how blessed we are. To have you, to be in your arms. Definitely cold, but soft. Definitely dark, but calm. Definitely long, but temporarily. Definitely, stunning. Ultimately, all that we need.

Winter dear, if you’re gonna do it, do it right. Be crisp, be raw, be sunny. Cover our lives in white pure snow. Be playful, be intense. Passionately, be you.

And when the time comes for you to leave, promise you’ll take our stupidity and ignorance with you. However, until then, teach us how it’s supposed to be done. With loving kindness.




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