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The sacred intuitive mind

”Creativity thrives in stillness, arises from the no-thingness.”

When you allow yourself to simply sit, with yourself, and let the thoughts wander freely – no holding on, no grasping, simply observing; insights, and new solutions to your challenges might arise.

One of our biggest dilemmas, I believe, is that we think about life more than we are actually living life. And isn’t it precisely because of that, that we need to remember to appreciate the moments in between. Life is to be found in the smallest of details; the morning sun gently caressing the ground, the taste of ocean air, your lovers facial expression when she’s talking about something important to her, a strangers helping hand, the sound of your sleeping child.

Lately, I’ve rarely given myself the time to sit down, and write. Writing has often been the thing that has provided me with the most comfort; to acknowledge the calmness, and just let whatever that wants to arise, arise. You see, the words, more often than not, surface out of the stillness. They don’t come when we’re busy chasing after goals and habitually moving through life. The answers you’re seeking come when you allow yourself to slow down. When you create space, and are open to receiving.

Why, then, is it, time and again, so difficult to sit with one’s thoughts? You don’t want to experience the quiet moments in between, simply cause you’re always running towards the next moment. And the next. Something greater, more grandeur might be awaiting around the corner. Or so you were taught to believe. What can this still moment actually provide me with, when I haven’t yet achieved all my desires. I need to move forward. I need to be doing something. I need to accomplish, I need to prove that I’m worthy of my existence. If I’m not doing something, I’m not existing.

But, what if, you’re actually evolving simply by being. By simply accepting and surrendering to the moment. Don’t resist the moment, whatever it contains. Sit with it, observe it, be aware of it – don’t label it. Be with it. Learn to see without the eyes, learn to know without the mind. Learn to be without becoming. Let go of what you know, and let yourself be open to the fresh, the new.

”Notice the things that are blocking peace from coming into your life.”

Give yourself time, daily, to sit with yourself. In absolute stillness. Within that quiet space you allow the sacred intuitive mind an opportunity to come forth.



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