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2023 Intentions

”But, what if, you’re actually evolving simply by being. By simply accepting and surrendering to the moment. Don’t resist the moment, whatever it contains. Sit with it, observe it, be aware of it – don’t label it. Be with it. Let go of what you know, and let yourself be open to the fresh, the new.”

Dear 2022, thank you for all the opportunities, challenges and experiences you so kindly provided us with. Dear 2023, I’m curious, and I’m ready for you – I sense you will be filled with bliss, growth and laughter. Love.

What we focus on expand. So, focus on what you want out of life. What do you want to see more of in this world – Then go about to create it. Nothing good will come out of it if you don’t take action – You’re responsible for you.

It all begins with you.

A healthy, peaceful planet starts with a healthy peaceful mind. There’s no room for quick fixes, but for an honest and consistent commitment. Creating for the highest good of all.

More health. More acceptance. More love. More forgiveness. More expansion. More truth, More we.

Whatever you wish to do, or see more of in 2023, know that it starts with you. It always starts with you.

2023 intentions

  • Cultivating an abundance mindset – ”There’s an abundance flowing within and without; everything I need, seek and long for is already within me.” This is a mindset I encourage myself to adopt in every area of my life whether it’s love, career, health, money or opportunities. There’s enough for everyone to go around. And the more we help others, the more we help ourselves.
  • Spreading kindness & compassion – I’m inspired by random acts of kindness and compassionate people with big hearts filled with wisdom. There’s something special about humans who are caring and warm-hearted to everyone; it seems like they are carrying a sense of calmness within, despite with whoever they interact. Cultivating my Buddha nature.
  • Exploration – Whether it’s a new country, a new human being, a new subject, or myself even; There’s always something to learn, and new experiences to gain. I want to travel more. After visiting Venice this summer I want to explore more of Italy. Love at first sight.
  • Breathing mindfulness – Bringing mindfulness into everything I do – whether it’s writing, studying, working, being in nature, meditating, interacting with loved ones – I can always choose to be a bit more here and a little less somewhere else. My mind has a tendency to drift away, but being aware of its tendency to do so, I’m allowing myself to be more present.
  • Nurturing my intuition – I’ve always had a strong intuition, and every year I’m tapping into it even more. I’ve noticed that the more I allow the stillness to enter, taking the time to listen to my body’s needs, the more connected I feel to my inner being. We possess a great deal of power the moment we know we can trust our intuition. The answers you’re seeking is not found on the outside. They are found within. I challenge you to pay attention to your intuition. Trust your innate wisdom, it’s there to guide you. It has always been there.
  • Tapping into my spiritual side – I’m an open-minded person and I love to explore different parts of myself. After cultivating my spiritual side I’ve become to understand how calm and peaceful it makes me feel. I’ve become more content and hopeful. More at home. I truly believe we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. I also believe that there’s so much more to life than the things we can experience through our five senses. Understanding that we’re all in this together, however, experiencing life in our own unique way, makes me feel more at peace, and content within my own being.

Have you set any intentions for the year ahead?


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