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”Fragile you are, little seed. Planted in the depths of thick, dark, nourishing soil. Resilient you are, blooming flower. Early spring.”

While being perfect is rather boring, we should instead strive to be a bit more willing to be the best version of ourselves. A version that will change from day to day, from hour to hour even. Some days we learn, some days we win. However, we don’t stop when the mountain gets too high or the sea too rough. Rather, we adjust. We may scream a little (or a lot), we may laugh at our foolishness. But we continue, we adapt. And that’s how we evolve.

In my last post ”10 habits to change your life” I wrote about small habits that will make your days more enjoyable, productive and mindful. However, I realised I forgot to mention one of my favorites – journaling.

Needless to say, there’s an endless list of habits which to incorporate in order to produce a bit more substance to your day. Ask yourself; What can I do to make my day more meaningful? It can be anything, as long as it invigorates you. Something modest, yet something which holds a great deal of significance, and that you wish to bring about, every day.


Ever since I started with this daily practice I’ve felt less anxious, and more at ease. You see, my mind is constantly chatting – always seems to be a party up there. However, through journaling I somehow separate and remove all the clutter from the important information, the things that make sense, make me proceed. Usually I start my day by writing my thoughts down in a notebook, since I prefer it to be handwritten.

10-15 minutes of free writing, and the mind feels lighter. It’s like space has been created for new, more creative thoughts to enter. At least for me journaling makes it easier to think. It’s also a tremendous way to get rid of deeply stored emotions and feelings, instead of storing them in the body, you get them out on a piece of paper. Very terapheutic.

What is more, journaling is a perfect way to get to know oneself on a deeper level, hence building self-awareness.

Scripting & visualizing

Another thing I like to do while journaling is scripting and visualizing. This is a powerful tool for you create the life that you want. It’s a way of visualizing your future, and how you wish it to unfold; in other words you get to design your entire life.

Whether you choose to use scripting once a week, once a month or once a year, remember it can be a powerful tool in order to create your desired destiny. Write everything in detail, the way you wish your life to be. Write everything as if, in the present tense, the way that you desire it to be.

The key ingredient when writing your script is the emotions behind the words;

How do you want to feel? How does your future life make you feel?

Implementing gratitude is an important part when scripting. In between sentences write down how thankful you are for the life you have.

Last but not least – make it fun! Scripting is supposed to be light-hearted. Your focus should be on having fun while doing it so you don’t have doubts about whether it will happen or not. Creating your life should be joyful, and filled with passion, combined with an effortless flow, making insecurities and fears disappear.

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