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10 habits to change your life

‘Consistency is more important than perfection.’

Below you’ll find a list of small habits that will make your days more enjoyable, productive and mindful. Keep in mind that it takes approximately 21 days to form a new habit, therefore be consistent. Performing habits like these might not seem like a big deal, but it’s usually the smallest of habits and routines that, at the end of the day, will have an huge impact on our everyday life.

”The future is created in the present moment. Don’t resist the seasons changing, instead, learn to flow with the breath of life.”

  1. Wake up one hour earlier. If you’re not already waking up super early try to set your alarm one hour earlier than usual. Dedicate this extra time to yourself; really take the time to enjoy your coffee, read a chapter in your favorite book, practice yoga, or go outside for a morning walk. Getting ready for the day ahead in a calm and relaxed manner is a crucial step towards a more productive day. At least it will help you feel more in control, since having more time will make your morning less stressful, which in turn, will make your day less stressful. A study conducted by Dr. Joerg Huber of Roehampton University in London found that ”Morning people tend to be healthier and happier as well as having lower body mass indexes.” And remember, try to stay away from your mobile phone during these early morning moments.
  2. Do everything with great passion. Whether it’s brushing your teeth, cooking, taking a shower, driving to work, having sex with your partner. Whatever it is – do it with passion. Let yourself be totally immersed in the practice – it will immediately take you into a more present kind of experience. It’s about not forgetting the importance of the mundane things, and making them more enjoyable. Life is not about waiting for the big things to occur, it’s about appreciating the everyday activities as well.
  3. Choose positive thoughts. Become mindful of your thoughts and how they actually affect you. ”Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.” – Eckhart Tolle. Do not judge yourself for having negative thoughts – simply notice them, and then, watch them peacefully pass through you. Understand that they are only thoughts, and that you hold the power to change them. Why even engage in negativity when you can choose to be positive? The decision is all yours. And this, however, doesn’t mean that you should ignore the bad stuff. Of course not, since bad stuff happen all the time. Nevertheless, it’s how you choose to look at the things happening in your life that will determine your overall wellbeing.
  4. Practice gratitude. Focus on all things wonderful you have in your life, rather than focusing on the bad, or the things you don’t yet have. If you start to focus on all the love and support around you, you’ll attract more love and support. A grateful heart is a magnet for more ❤ Every day before going to bed write down 10 things that you’re genuinely grateful for; it can be anything from clean water, a comfortable bed, a kind heart, to a healthy, strong body. And while you’re at it, spend some time reflecting on things you could have done differently – did your words match your actions? Did you show compassion towards yourself and others? Did you have a good day? And if not – what can you do tomorrow that might change things around for the better.
  5. Spend time in nature. Sunlight, fresh air, adventure, calmness – Mother Nature has a lot to offer. There are high mountains to climb, oceans to get lost in, sandy beaches to marry, forests to make us breathe more deeply, soft snowflakes caressing our cheeks; Nature is limitless, and full of surprises. Let yourself become lost in her creativity.
  6. Perform an act of kindness. Do something nice for someone else, every day. A random act of kindness can totally turn a person’s day around. And while you’re at it – be kind to yourself. Always be kind to yourself. Choose healthy, nutritious foods – your body, mind and soul are worthy of only the best. Give yourself time to exercise – your body will thank you, and you will have more energy for all the things you wish to do.
  7. Make time for the things you love. Even if it means that you have to get up one hour earlier… Dedicating time for the things you love is crucial for your well-being. The days may be hectic, and life is passing by in high-speed, however, there is always time for the things you love – it’s called prioritizing.
  8. Always carry a water bottle with you. Dehydration is not fun; it makes you feel tired, sluggish and unfocused. Always make sure you bring your water bottle with you. Thirsty? Put down the soda and grab water. Your body is made up of 50-75 % water. You need to keep that water intake going for your body’s production. ”85 percent of your brain tissue is comprised of water, so if you’re dehydrated, your body and mind will both be stressed.”
  9. Learn to just be. Let yourself become one with the present moment. Usually this happens when you do the things you love, hours passing by without you even noticing. I’ve become more aware of my surroundings when I go for a walk without my head phones on – it helps my mind to calm down, and thereby makes room for new, creative thoughts to enter.
  10. Be active in your everyday life. While it’s important that you workout regularly, it’s even more crucial that you’re active in your everyday life. Take a short walk during lunch-break, skip the elevator, or why don’t you buy yourself a bicycle… If you have two legs make sure that you’re using them. Be grateful for having two legs.

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  1. A lot of good points raised. There’s a few of those that I’m exploring and some I’ve been doing which helps a lot. Great post. Out of all these habits which would you say has had the greatest impact on your life?

    • Thank you!! Out of these I would say that waking up earlier is one of those that have had a great impact on my life. And being more mindful during these early hours, letting my mind and body wake up before I start checking my phone etcetera… And one that I didn’t even mention in this post is journaling. That is something I try to do every day as well.

      • Thanks for sharing with me. I’m more encouraged to keep trying and being consistent with waking up early as I’ve had my ups and downs with it. Delaying checking of phones makes a lot of sense so you can get in touch with yourself before the world. Journaling is great i do it as well although not daily more as and when i feel i need to

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