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Dear July…

… it’s you, since no one else makes sense.

”There’s beauty in simplicity.”

July, I can’t believe you’re almost here. I don’t even know if I’ll have time to say goodbye to June. She is warm, she is lovely, filled with laughter. Please, be like June. Please, be forever. Please bring us humid days, foggy nights. Soul searching and loving kindness.

It has always been you, dear July. Always been you.

5 am. Finding stillness. Seeking magic. Being free as the ocean, beautiful as the wildest flower. Inhaling confidence, exhaling doubt. Breathing in the warm days, short nights. Wide awake, we are, while watching the sunset gracefully transforming into sunrise. I’ll be all there, wherever you’ll take me.

July is for meeting childhood friends who will always be friends although you meet far too seldom. It’s for being vulnerable, being soft. Finding that inner, burning fire. Moonlight, thunderstorm and heavy rain. Poetry filled with soul and passion, the wildest of dreams coming true. July is for festivity and reading books. July is for being me.

”Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime.”

– Ugo Eze

It’s time to feed our souls with burning fire. Burning passion. Breathing in nature and embracing every day with curiosity, bravery and kindness. It’s about doing one’s best. Accepting oneself. Loving oneself. Being aware, and learning from mistakes. It’s about knowing one’s worth, and having the ability to inspire other human beings. Improving the quality of life. Challenging the body. Loving the body. Loving life.

It’s about a life that’s flourishing and exciting. Beautiful and unexpected. It’s about life.

Awaken your creativity, dear human. Awaken your soul. Find the bright light within. Know that life is amazing, exactly as it is. You’re amazing. Every breath a sign that you are. We are. Cherish every heartbeat, every sunrise. Every tear. It all happens right before your very eyes; hearts illuming, red roses blooming. Breathtakingly beautiful this precious moment alive.

Dear July, I welcome you. Teach us, how to become one with what is, within and without. Still and alert. Precisely as nature at 5 am. Promise dear, you’ll keep us safe. Darling promise, this time your burning sunlight will last forever. Darling remember, wake me up before you disappear.



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