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Dear October…

… you’re like the warmest, most passionate hug. Kiss me, empower me. Don’t ever leave.

”While some people like to dance underneath the stars in June, others like to play with the red leaves of October, and I’m blissfully, wholeheartedly stuck in the middle.”


Like the wisest of them all, dear October; you’re letting go of what no longer serves you. Your brisk wind makes everything rejuvenating. Clear intentions. Clear thoughts. Making room for what’s new. The days; alluring and brightful, the nights; dark and calm. I sense there’s a star waiting to be born, intentions waiting to be established, a nature waiting to be cherished, a life waiting to be lived. 

October is for watching the red leaves falling. Letting go. Taking action, working hard. Believing in the power of the soul. Believing in oneself. Loving oneself. Just like nature, we transform. Becoming whole, empowered and complete. Putting positive intentions into everything we do. Dare to dream big; if it scares you it means you’ll grow. Silently witness the beauty of nature. Notice how seductively and effortlessly she’s unfolding her treasures. Transparent, yet forceful. Copy her, and let yourself be amazed.

Looking within for happiness, confidence and power. The things we want the most are closer than we think.


This October is for listening within. It’s for courage, love and determination. Embracing the darkness, as well as the bright light within. Practicing gratitude. Loving every flaw and imperfection. It’s for eliminating all the negativity and drama, making room for what’s to come. Breathing in positivity, love and compassion. It’s for giving more. Listening more. It’s for being there for one another. Believing in everything that we are. Limitless creatures. Limitless souls. Filled with the power to create the life we’ve always dreamt of. Knowing that there’s pure magic floating around us, through us, and within us.

Dear October, help us see the beauty within; the beauty within the red leaves falling, the beauty of letting go, the beauty of becoming. Reborn.

I welcome you, darling dear. There’s no hiding from you anymore. Let us play, let us dance. Life begins every second.


”during the darkest night
she falls asleep
while autumn leaves dancing
through the gently breeze
i promise i’ll wake you up
after you’ve had your
beauty sleep
until then
dear summer
until then
may your dreams be sweet
filling our heartbeat”




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