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Dear September…

… your colorful and humble character awakens my soul.

”I can hear autumn laughing in the breeze.”


The leaves shine bright in warm golden light. Utterly mesmerized, while watching summer falling so artlessly in love with September, whispering final words of goodbyes. Be aware darling human, be aware, you’re shifting just like the softest, brittlest wind. Stay open, be alert,

now is the perfect time for a rebirth.

While I’ve always kept summer close to my heart, still and all I believe my soul breathes for fall. 

September is for blissful mornings. Dark, quiet evenings. Golden opportunities from dusk till dawn. The bright warming sunlight caressing thirsty hearts. Awaken dear human, awaken your soul; September is for seeking knowledge, the truth resting deep within. Savor every breath of this moment, while summer so effortlessly turns into fall. It’s pure beauty, pure art. Nature soothes us with her colorful heart. Wherever we go, whenever we fall, Mother Nature’s passionate spirit embraces us all.

Make a choice, take the leap, and don’t you dare to forget your true worth underneath.

September darling! You teach us that it’s never too late for new beginnings. It’s never too late to reinvent oneself. In the midst of all the chaos you’ll find yourself. Don’t be afraid to start again. Begin again. Again and again.

Close your eyes to old ends, open your heart to new beginnings.

It’s time to move forward, time to evolve. Dear September, take our hand, it’s time to resolve. Guide us to where we need to be; You always have the power to shift your life from where you are, to where you you’d like to be.

I know summer, you do not want to leave. However, your tight grip makes it hard to breathe. Please make room for her colorful soul, await, it’s time for her to become whole.

You’re one of a kind, so perfectly designed. I sense something wonderful is about to unwind. Please prepare, everything is perfectly aligned.


Be good to us, dear September, be good to us.



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