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Present Moment Experience

”In most cases, the universe does not allow us to move forward until we have honored where we are right know.”

The leaves dancing in the breath of wind, as the bird performing its final poem. Until next year, dear humming creature, until next year. The warm breeze caressing my fragile skin. Breathing it all in, while autumn laughing in the warm-hearted wind. I’ll carry your lyrics, wherever I go. Sing to me, little creature, sing to me. 

This is the door to all that is. Celebrate the moment, and awake to the magic unfolding. 

The present moment – the only moment there is for us to be alive. Humans are very good at preparing to live, but not very good a living. Habitually dwelling in the past and dreaming of the future, while having difficulties concentrating the mind on the present moment. Wherever you are – know that you are home. Wherever you find yourself; whether you’re stuck in a rut, anxious, or simply lost in the fast spinning outside world – whatever the present moment contains – accept, then act. Always work with life, not against life. Don’t feel like life is controlling you, you are controlling life. You possess the ultimate control. And yes, life will hit you, but know that you’ll never grow with the perfect life.

One way of controlling life is by becoming more present. A sense of peace will unfold the moment you start living in the now; become fully present, and thankful that a new day has arisen. Let go of the outcome, and learn to be positive and content with the moment you’re in.

”There’s nothing wrong in looking forward to the future, but remember to love today’s breath.”

Present moment experience

As I’m reading Sacred Powers by Davidji I wanted to share with you how he explains the six stages of a present moment experience.

According to Davidji every present moment experience contains a six-stage evolution: settling, witnessing, drifting, judging, surrendering, and stillness. When we’re ready to fully accept and understand that this is exactly what the experience is supposed to be we’ve found the key to cultivating a regular and consistent practice of presence in our life. It’s not about perfection; it’s about surrendering to what is, accepting the present moment.

Settling – To begin any practice we’ve to begin to settle in. We find a comfortable space and eliminate as many distractions as possible by closing our eyes. Then we take a long, slow and deep breath in through our nose, and then gently and naturally we breathe out. Creating a peaceful space within.

Witnessing – We begin to watch our breath as it flows in and as it flows out. Simply observing it, and how it gives us life. Staying in the space of observing, witnessing and watching. Every time you witness, you strengthen your ability to stay in that state longer and more easily.

Drifting – It’s natural that we start to drift toward thoughts, sounds and physical sensations after holding our attention for an extended period of time on anything. This means that you are alive; your brain is doing what it has been trained to do – processing thoughts.

Judging – The moment you begin to evaluate and criticize the thoughts flowing into you, or the way you’re breathing the judging perfectionist has arrived. The judging perfectionist that believes that a present moment experience is supposed to be a blissed-out Zen experience filled with peace and light.

Surrendering – Humans have about 70.000 thoughts a day. When you notice the inner critic judging you for having thoughts, remind yourself to just relax. There’s no right or wrong thoughts; accept them for what they are – thoughts – let go, settle down and go back to witnessing. Once you’ve accepted that drifting and judging are natural aspects of the process, then and only then, you can fully surrender.

Stillness – As you get more relaxed gently drifting back and forth, you’ll start to spend a little more time witnessing and a little less time judging your thoughts. The more comfortable you become with being the observer the easier it will be to bring presence into your every-day-life. Suddenly you’ll find yourself being fully present when talking to a loved one or the stranger at the cashier, without you really having to do anything else differently in your life.

(Sacred Powers – The Five Secrets to Awakening Transformation. By Davidji, 2017.) 

Be still and observe; the earth is dancing.



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