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Not worthy of comparison

”dear self, you’re exactly who you need to be right now.”


August 27, 2018
Day 240 of 365

Your life is beautiful. Unfiltered, raw and beautiful. Dear human, take time to appreciate every chance you get to breathe in the mysteries of life. The dark, deep mysteries of nature. Embrace the softness in the air, the fresh ocean breeze, the steep mountain tops. Darling, embrace yourself.

Darling, even the Moon shines its brightest during darkness.

The path you’ve been travelling, to get to where you are right now, is yours. Your life is not comparable to anyone else’s, just as your Self can’t be compared to any other human being’s Self. Instead, focus on honoring your uniqueness.

Don’t let fear stop you from living life to its fullest. Don’t let fear stop you from being you.

”Comparison is the death of creativity. The death of your Self.”

It’s rather common to obsess about other people’s lives, other people’s success stories, that you completely forget about your own possibilities to succeed. Within seconds you can lose yourself to this fast-paced society where you feel you need to have everything at once – and if you haven’t accomplished certain things at a certain age you’ve failed miserably, or at least so you think. This mindset is detrimental to your wellbeing, and makes it nearly impossible for you to show appreciation to what you have in this moment. If you live your life constantly searching for more all the time it will be a never ending journey of dissatisfaction. Your life is already filled with wonderful things, but when your mind is occupied by thoughts of having more, and wanting more, it can be hard to notice them. Blinded by the light of others, you fail to see your own light.

How come it’s so difficult to notice one’s own possibilities, one’s own beauty?

I encourage you to see your own unique light that rest within. The one that brightens up the space you’re in. Relax into your being, and focus on what matters to you. Be so captivated by your own purpose that you won’t be distracted by comparison. Respect your Self. Strive to always better yourself – be better than you were yesterday. Know that you have so much to offer to this world. There are people waiting for you to share your talents. You have something no one else got.

Why try to be someone else, when you can be you?

Believe that everything you need is already here, deeply rooted within you. Never forget how wildy capable you are to achieve all those things you want out of life. The magical universe has your back – understand that life works for you, not against you. Whatever it decide to throw at you, it’s for your highest good. You can’t always control what happens in your life, but you can control your reaction to what happens. You not only have the power; you are the power.

Rest assured, all is well in your life. You’re exactly who you need to be right now.

Honor your life. Honor your pace.



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