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Laughter is cheap medicine

”Live from the deepest part of your being.”

Human dear, believe in the magical being that you are. Live life in warm yellow light. See the light. Be the light. Let the sun caress your heart, your entire being. Wake up with a grateful heart, witness your presence, and decide every morning that you’re in a good mood. Darling, you always have the choice to be happy, you’re responsible for your own happiness.

Be mindful of that nothing is permanent in this world, not even your troubles. This moment will pass, and you will never get it back. Be aware of your breath. Be aware of who you are. Embrace every experience with love and light, cause it will never come again. 

Seriously, it’s all gonna be just fine.

Start to welcome positive change into every area of your life. Don’t be scared that things won’t work out the way you planned, either they will or they won’t. That’s life. Stop second guessing yourself and start believing in yourself. Know that you have the freedom and power to create the life you desire.

You see, happiness doesn’t come with a price tag. Happiness is built deep within. You are the creator; be creative, curious and courageous. Don’t resist life and its experiences. Let them teach you how to be present, how to relax and release all that doesn’t serve you.


”It’s not life’s events that is causing problems or stress. It’s your resistance to life’s events that is causing this experience.”

– Michael A Singer


Dear human, be conscious of the vastness of who you are. Don’t loose yourself in your thoughts, emotions or feelings. Choose life.

Allow things to unfold with effortless ease. You can’t control every situation, circumstance or person in your life. It’s when you are at peace with what is, within and without, that you will begin to feel the happiness flowing through you. The one that has always been there, underneath layers of fear and negativity.

So ask yourself, are you happy? And what is happiness to you? Observe your inner space. Your inner being. You don’t have to have great things, you just have to have a grateful heart. Let the essence of who you are shine through. Don’t look for happiness or worthiness at the surface. Your true worthiness is find within, underneath that beautiful skin.

Questions to ask yourself when you find yourself in a negative situation;


  • Is this worth getting upset over?
  • Am I overreacting or overthinking the situation?
  • What is the positive I can take away from this?
  • What can I learn from this?
  • Can I control the situation?
  • What can I do right now to make myself feel better?


The little things in life; love them, unconditionally. And remember to laugh, it’s cheap medicine.



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  1. Sarah Carter säger

    This is beautifully written and very well said. I love reading blogs like this, great words of wisdom. Ones that we all should follow 🙂


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