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Whatever you are, be a good one


”Shine your light on this world.”


Once upon a time…

… there was a little girl with a big heart and a curious mind. However, this shy and quiet little girl didn’t think much of herself. Always comparing herself with the bright and clever ones, the extroverts, people with confidence. Never did she dare to speak up, cause who would even listen to what she had to say. Though, she had a whole little world inside her brain; always dreaming, planning and visualizing. Creating stories,

and no one to tell. 

And the day came, when her heart got stolen, broken and totally cracked open. Dark months went by. However, gradually sunlight started pouring in, leaving her feeling lighter and brighter.

Her heart might had been broken, but her soul finally had woken. 

And while her brain was still busy dreaming and creating stories, she knew there was one goal more important than the others; to be herself.

To crack open. Cause the world needed her open.

The world needs you open.



People will try to tell you who you are, don’t believe them. You know who you are. You don’t need to be accepted by others, you need to accept yourself.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like what you see? I’m not talking about the way you look. Do you like the person underneath that beautiful skin? Who is that person?

Who are you?

Once you have accepted yourself – your flaws, insecurities, all of you – no one can use it against you. Be gentle with yourself, life can be ruff enough. You don’t have to make it more difficult by talking down on yourself. Hiding. Speak up. Be brave. You’re human. You’re magic. Just like everyone else you have the right to be here. You matter.

Be the light.

Stop explaining yourself to people; do what works for you. Find the stillness within, listen to your soul when it speaks. What does it say? Listen. Be present. Be alive. Talk kindly to yourself. Be proud of who you have become. Don’t be afraid to be. Be sassy. Be you.

Don’t be shy, darling human; it’s about time you let that inner child come out to play.


Be effortlessly yourself.

The world will love you for it.





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