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Dreamy mornings

”darling sun, you woke me up from my dreams. but then I realized, this one is way better.”

Why a healthy morning routine? It reduces stress, helps you set your mood for the entire day, makes you more productive and ahead of the day. Furthermore it makes you feel calm, relaxed and centered.

Wake up happy and start your day rejuvenated.


”early morning sunrise.

i opened up my eyes,

and it got me thinking of you.”


Below you’ll find a couple of my favourite self-care routines for a dreamy morning;

Let the sun in & meditate

As soon as you wake up, open up your curtains to let the bright & beautiful morning sunlight in. Now is also the perfect time to take a few minutes and set an intention for the day ahead. Visualize your perfect day; What are you doing? What will you accomplish?

making myself a cup of coffee…

Stretch & get your body moving

A sweaty morning workout releases feel-good endorphins. During the summer months I prefer working out in the mornings; it makes me feel super productive and ready to kickstart the day. I don’t workout every morning, but at leat I try to squeeze in a 20 minutes yoga/stretch session.


”wake up with the sunrise
fall in love during sunset.”


Cold shower & skin routine

Who doesn’t love a refreshing, cold shower in the morning? 😉 At least I do. It really gets me going, and if my body for some reason hasn’t yet woken up, it sure will during the shower. Taking care of the skin first thing in the morning is crucial; however, I like to keep it simple – after washing my face I use an eye creme, facial oil and a moisturizer with sun protection.

Nourishing breakfast

My favourite meal of the day. One favorite at the moment is a smoothie rich in vitamin C with frozen banana, frozen mango, buckthorn berries, turmeric, oat milk, peanut butter and vanilla powder. And not to forget; a second cup of coffee.

Reading a few chapters & writing

If I have time I like to read a few chapters in the morning; fiction or nonfiction, depending on the mood I’m in. Otherwise I try to write a page, or two, just to wake up the creative spark. A tip is to write down one small goal you wish to accomplish during the day. Writing down your goals makes you significantly more likely to achieve them.


And of course, not all mornings are dreamy like this. However, I’m a true morning person so I don’t mind spending a few extra hours during the early hours. Waking up with the sun.


Hope you have a wonderful morning

and a beautiful day!



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