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Things I like at the moment

”If you listen, you’ll hear her breathe.”


It’s in the little things. Ordinary moments turning into excitement. Fulfilment. Do you know you already have everything you need? Life. You have life. This second. Filled with anticipation. Filled with the little things. Everything you need. This very moment.


”while in stillness

i hear your heart beat

not am i even next to you

yet i imagine every sound.”


Humid & light summer nights at sea

”Breathe her in.”

The stars, the moon, a warm, gentle breeze. Everything we need. Everything we asked for. The stillness speaks louder than our words. If you listen you’ll hear her breathe. Take a glimpse at the ocean. Allow the sound of the waves to caress your soul. You have talents; share them. You have a voice; speak up. You have dreams; believe in them. You’re human; be brave. Take a glimpse at the ocean. A glimpse at the heart. If you’d followed your intuition, we would never had been apart.


Books, books, books

”Turn a page.”

Mind travelling at its best. I fell in love with turning pages a few years ago. Since then I’m lost. Lost in words. In another lifetime. Another dream. Taking care of my soul. Page after page, word after word. You see, you don’t have to go far to travel the world. Turn a page, explore your senses.



”Relax, and let go.”

What better way to relax the body. Whenever I feel stressed out, or drained of energy I stretch. The best cure after a long and rough day at work, or immediately after waking up. Put on some relaxing and calming music and stretch out those sore muscles. A lot of emotions are stored in the hips. Release old emotions, such as fear, anxiety or sadness through different hip openers. Yin yoga for the win.




”Whatever the day brings, kiss the sun.”

Time and again I fall in love with the sunrise. Early morning, a mug of coffee and the light pink sky. The magical hour happens when most of us are sleeping. My darling, don’t miss out on life. Wake up with the sunrise. Wake up with the birds. It happens right before your very eyes.

Life. Right before your beautiful eyes.





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