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”Breathe in life. Breathe out fear. Breathe in every moment. Breathe out every pain.”


My life is pretty hectic at the moment; I have to move by the end of next month, I’m studying for an entrance exam, I decided to participate in a writing competition, I work at a cruise ship, sailing between Finland and Sweden, AND I’m food blogging as well as writing bits and pieces for this blog (my precious baby).

When life is busy it’s even more important to chill out a bit – to learn to relax, and find a quiet and peaceful moment every day. Yes, I would like to have more time to study for the entrance exam, but here on the ship it’s pretty darn difficult to find that extra time.

However, I know everything will be just fine. And already next week I will go and look at an apartment; the very first one I applied for. Oh well, it’s just a look. Anyhow, it’s completely new so it would be awesome. One can at least dream… Life, I put my trust in you ❤

5 easy ways to relax and stay focused;


1. Meditate. 10-15 minutes a day and you will feel less stressed, more content and focused.

2. Write a to-do-listWhen you have a lot going on writing a to-do-list will be your lifesaver. Trust me.

3. Drink enough water. It’s oh so important to stay hydrated. Your thoughts will be much clearer and you will feel less sluggish, and more awake. Water is life. You need water.

4. Take short breaks. Go outside; enjoy the calmness of the sea, the beauty of the forrest and the seasons changing. Breathe in the fresh air, and know everything will be okey. Spring is a beautiful reminder that after darkness there will eventually be sunshine and light. Nature blossoms, and so do we.

5. Fuel your body. Give your body nutritious, healthy foods. Boost your immune system with loads of greens, vegetables, nuts, beans and healthy fats. Take care of yourself, cause your body needs enery in order to function properly. Don’t stress yourself out.



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