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Dear spring…

… you’re my sunshine.

My darling friend, you’re beautiful from day one.

”The morning sun dazzling through the broken window. Caressing my soft heart, my recovered soul. Oh, how I adore the warmth she brings.


Life changes with the seasons. Even the coldest, darkest winter happens for a reason. However, it won’t last forever. Spring is coming. Wait, she’s already here, shining brightly on all of us. Let her embrace you. Don’t try to understand her, just love her. And let her shine. 

Through seasons she’s changing, Mother Nature. Like you, through your experiences, your being. Every second you have the possibility to move forward, to evolve. Embrace your colors. Only you decide where you’re going. Only you decide when it’s your season to change.

Know, that from all of the chaos a flower will start to blossom.

Spring is the season when I feel most alive. I blame the sunlight, the long days and short nights. The nature – pure, fresh and green. Spring might as well be cold and rainy, but it’s still spring. It’s still magic. My deepest desire is to spend every waking moment underneath the sun, close to the sea, close to the heart.

Spring is about hope. It’s about creativity and letting go of the past. Out with the old, in with the new. It’s time to let go of the opinions of others. Impress yourself. Simply amaze yourself.

Spring, let us dance in the rain. Let us play with thunder. I’m going to make everything around you ravishing – that is my purpose. All the flowers blooming just for you, my dear friend. I promise.

I believe in the beauty of life.

I let the warm days feed me with energy.

Feed me with laughter.


Spring, you’re exactly where you need to be right now. Caressing burning, open hearts.


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