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”My home is within. That’s where the light is.”


Have you ever been so caught up in a stressful, painful situation that you forgot who you are? I bet you have, you are human. At some point in our lives it might have felt convenient to choose hate instead of love. Fear instead of excitement. Sadness instead of joy. Adopting fear and hatred should never be an option. Love, however, is always an option. It’s up to you to decide. 

The past days I’ve been guilty of carrying too much pain and sadness within me. Darkness had its tight grip against my neck. Luckily it felt weird having all that negativity inside of me.”This is not who I am”. I became aware of how easily too much pain can drag a person down. ”Bitterness? Within me? Who am I?” I’ve never been a human filled with hatred. I’m compassionate. Loving and caring. I’ve always loved to dress up in a smile.

Life teaches us lessons, every single day. If we let it. It’s our responsibility to act in a way that helps us grow. We’re responsible for our own happiness, for our own development.

Maybe someone treated you badly? Show compassion and humanity anyways.

Maybe you treated someone inexcusably? Give your most sincere apology and forgive yourself for behaving wrongfully.

Don’t beat yourself up. What’s done is done. Carrying hatred and grudge within you does nothing but harm – embrace the light. Embrace the love. Choose forgiveness and you’ll notice how effortless and joyous your life will become.

I know that it can be darn difficult at times, especially if you have been carrying a lot of pain for a very long time. All of a sudden happiness became something obscure. Darling friend, choose love. Always turn to love. Be grateful for having the opportunity to experience life. Never let pain, or any other emotion for that matter, define who you are. It’s merely a state of mind, something temporarily. However, banish hate. Fear and jealousy. You do not need that negativity in your life. Choose to bring out the light in people. Choose to see the bright light within yourself. It’s human to feel deep pain and sadness, it’s part of life. But you should never let it control your life. You control your life.

Surrender to the path of your own life. Accept and embrace the process. All of it.

Every moment, every breath is a gift.

Choose love.

Cause you are love.

Be you.




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  1. One technique I’ve been using lately when I get in one of those frames if mind is to ask myself, why are feeling this way? It’s funny, but if you try to answer that question, you will often find there is no good reason. So then I decide that since I have no good reason to waste time in that bad frame of mind, I will knock it off 🙂

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