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There is strength in being soft

Never underestimate the power of a woman’s intuition.

”Don’t be so sensitive!”

I stopped counting the times I’ve received a comment like that.

Like being sensitive would be something to be ashamed of.

Something that needs to be buried deep inside, for no one to see and experience.

Now, I usually laugh if I get a comment like that.

”Yes, I’m a sensitive human being. And I embrace it, I embrace my vulnerability. And by the way you should try it; it might benefit you, helping you being more attuned with your feelings and emotions.”

Being sensitive is not the same as being fragile, being weak.

To be a highly sensitive human is to have an immense, gigantic inner world.

It is to cry at a beautiful flower, simply because the flower is, beautiful.

It is to cherish the quiet moments inbetween, simply cause within them lies all the answers.

It is to be highly intuitive.


It enables one to tap into other peoples’ feelings, making it easier to put oneself in another person’s shoes.

It allows one to be more empathetic with others, as well as with oneself.

It allows one to be less judgmental towards others, as well as towards oneself.

It allows one to be more human.

A note to the masculine. Never try to understand the feminine. Instead, let yourself become lost – free – within the multifaceted, paradoxical nature. Let it show you, the strength in being soft. Respect it, and it will respect you.



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