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Dear November…

… let’s get lost, shall we?

”Get lost, on the path less traveled, and return, a little bit more well-lived.”

Embrace the thought – Never fully completed – and your existence might become a little less intimidating. More light-hearted, less heavy. You do not have to have all the answers. All the lovers. All the glimmery, shiny things. As long as you have an intense yearning to listen, understand, and respond accordingly. As long as you carry within a deep desire to experience all that’s making you grow, bold and flow. Compassionate.

Get lost, on the path less traveled, and return, a little bit more well-lived.
With bruises and scars, but a heart so filled. Smell the roses, taste your tears,
unlock your laugh.
Whenever your voice can’t carry you in an honest manner – speak, however soft, and weak.

It’s a spinning wheel, or a tranquil deal. Your choice. Off-track, on-track,
in-between, love and laughter, fear and disaster. It is you life, be that as it may,
always say thank you, for this new day. You do not know what it has in store for you, on this particular today.

November dear, I welcome you. You’re one of a kind, and so perfectly designed. I sense something wonderful is about to unwind.



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