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Speak truthfully

”Dare to speak up for the things important to you.”


Staying true to one’s inner voice in a world filled with chaos might not always be the easiest thing to do. Surrounded by an immense amount of impressions and pressure we’re trying to find our way, seeking truth in an untruthful world. It’s time to take the blindfolds off – it’s time to speak the truth. 

One of my intentions this March (and for the whole year) is to live truthfully.

But what does it actually mean, to live truthfully?

It’s about speaking up for the things important to you, the things that make your heart pound a little faster.

It’s about daring to be yourself, staying curious and alive.

It’s about letting kindness, wisdom and compassion guide you on your way.

Knowing that it’s never too late to expand your horizon, never too late to grow and develop into the human you’re meant to be.

People change, you change. Stay open.

Be alert.

It’s about trusting yourself, knowing that you have the power within.

Everything you need, you already are.

Dear human, you’re exactly who you need to be right now.

Follow your gut feeling, your intuition.

Let your heart guide you.

Make mistakes.

Live. And learn.

Dare to listen to that inner voice.

Be still, yet aware.

It’s about showing kindness and compassion to the people you meet.

Treating humans and all living beings with respect.

However, never neglect your own happiness, your own self-worth.

It cannot happen at the expense of your own wellbeing.

It’s all about staying true to your inner being.

Your inner Self.

Be you.

And be it boldly.


With ❤


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