Random thoughts
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Live in color

”don’t blame me;the moon was full.”


Life would be rather dull if we would live in grey and black all the time, wouldn’t it? We need a little more spark in our life. A little more passion. A little more joy. A little more of everything that puts a big, fat smile on our face;

  • poetry
  • art
  • the ocean
  • red lips
  • the autumn breeze
  • summer nights
  • sex
  • laughter
  • dreams
  • plant-based food
  • pure white snow
  • empty beaches
  • bare skin
  • sunset
  • the early hours
  • love
  • thunderstorms
  • human beings
  • dogs
  • the smell of light summer rain
  • music
  • crispy apples
  • yoga
  • curiosity
  • the midnight sky
  • space
  • snowy mountains
  • morning coffee
  • kindness




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