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Beautiful minds

”If you only knew all the things you’re capable of… Darling, imagine all that you could do!”


We’re amazing creatures. We’ve travelled to the moon, cured illnesses, developed micro processes, written master pieces, created astonishing art and breathtaking architecture. The human mind is impressive. You’re impressive. Don’t you ever forget just how extraordinary you are.

Cultivating the power within will help you reach goals more easily. It will help you create a life filled with happiness, love and abundance. A life blooming with opportunities.

With cultivating the power within I mean having trust and faith within yourself; a deep trust that you’re capable of achieving all of your desires. You see, it all starts with believing in yourself. You have to rewire your thoughts if that’s what it takes – shift the way you perceive yourself, and become aware of the words you use to describe yourself. If you’re constantly doubting yourself, and your ability to accomplish certain things you’ll have difficulties proceeding and succeeding, and most likely your life will become stagnant.

With that being said, in order for you to keep growing it’s crucial that you start believing in yourself. Don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t be afraid of making a fool out of yourself. Keep learning, keep educating yourself, and strive to always do your best. And if at first you do not succeed, or you believe you failed miserably, there’s a big change that no one will even notice. According to the ”spotlight-effect” you believe that people are noticing you all the time, but they aren’t – they’re busy noticing themselves;

”Because we are so focused on our own behavior, it can be difficult to arrive at an accurate assessment of how much–or how little–our behavior is noticed by others. Indeed, close inspection reveals frequent disparities between the way we view our performance (and think others will view it) and the way it is actually seen by others.” (Gilovich, T.; Medvec, V. H.; Savitsky, K. (2000). ”The spotlight effect in social judgment: An egocentric bias in estimates of the salience of one’s own actions and appearance”.)

On the basis thereof, maybe it’s time for you to just go for it. If thoughts like ”what will others think of me” or ”what if they judge me” are restricting you, then, let this be a sign, or a reminder that it’s time to let go. It’s time to let go of unnecessary thoughts that do not serve you, in fact, they are doing nothing but holding you back. Now is the time for your creative mind to bloom!

I recently watched a documentary called ”The Creative Brain: How Insight Works” (BBC) due to an assignment I had in the psychology course I’m attending. The documentary explained what goes on in the brain when people have moments of creativity, what creativity is and how to become more creative.

”Change things up.”

According to the documentary, one way to become more creative is to engage in new and unexpected experiences, as it can boost your creativity. Unexpected and unusual experiences help you think more flexible and imaginative. Therefore, seek out new knowledge, disrupt your daily routines with fresh ideas and different ways to do things, break cognitive patterns – give yourself room for creativity; the effects of changing your routines changes your brain.

”Occupy your body, but your mind can wander freely.” 

Another thing mentioned was, that if you want to become more creative it’s best not to be too focused, at least not all the time. ”Mind wandering” has a long history in creativity, but now researchers are starting to understand just why it’s so effective.

Researches have studied brain scans when people let their mind wander and they have noticed a distinct change in one area of the brain; the frontal lobe, right above the eyes – a kind of temporarily sleep mode. When the frontal lobe is slightly pulled back ideas are flowing more freely, and some of the ideas from the subconscious can come into the conscious awareness more easily. We can get there in different ways whether it’s through meditation, walking in nature, taking a bath or exercising. There are various ways to down regulate the frontal lobe temporarily, and therefore allow creative ideas to flow more easily.


You have a beautiful, astonishing brain, mind and soul. Your goal should be to nurture and polish all of your unique talents and traits. Darling, believe in yourself. Now is the perfect time to start imagining all that you can do.



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