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Being easily pleased

”We could never have guessed, we were already blessed where we are…”

– James Taylor

Beauty is found in the ordinary. As the winter sun caresses my frozen cheeks my fears slowly melt away, like snowflakes on a sunny April day. Reading books that open up my heart, providing me with valuable knowledge. Being able to constantly challenge the mind. Making a beautiful home cooked meal. Putting pen to paper, exploring the creative mind. Still, I know you’re with her. It’s the little things, without them there would be no essence to everyday life. Without them there would be no Me. There would be no Us. 

One of the three books I’m reading at the moment is a book written by Mark Nepo ”The Book of Awakening – Having the Life You want by Being Present to the Life You Have.”

In one of the chapters Nepo writes that; ”One key to knowing joy is being easily pleased.” I find this to be very true. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop striving for progression and self-growth, but to learn to appreciate what each day gifts you. In order to get to where you want to be you have to show gratitude to where you are.

As humans we continually strive for more all the time; we want more money, more success, more happiness, more experiences; we are constantly seeking more of this, and more of that. I challenge you to take a step back and to look at everything you already have in life. Do you have a home? Do you have food in your fridge? Do you have friends and family? Do you have a loving, caring partner who helps you grow? Animals running around? A beating heart? Then you have plenty to be thankful for. It’s easy to forget about these wonderful, yet ordinary things,  because we often take them for granted. But if we all of a sudden would be deprived of any of these things we would most likely be devastated.

Be uncritical toward yourself.

Don’t punish yourself if your life is not what you wish it to be right now. I strongly believe acceptance is key in order to find that inner joy and peace. Nevertheless, never stop working towards achieving your goals. You should always aim to do your best, no matter the circumstances. Challenging oneself, as well as setting goals and reaching them is crucial. It makes us thrive. Blossom like an early spring day. So please, stop criticising yourself. Accept yourself for who, and where, you are.

Every situation in life makes us grow, it’s the journey that matters.


With love,




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