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We are all unique, yet we are all the same

”Our destination may be different, but what makes us reach for the harbor is the same.”


We are all part of something greater than ourselves, may it be a community, family or relationship. As you go out into this world with the intention of living out your uniqueness, bear in mind, we are still one and the same.

Humans live out the ambiguity of being both unique and the same.

Mark Nepo explains it beautifully;


”Through cancer and grief and disappointment and unexpected turns in career – through the very breakdown and rearrangement of the things I have loved – I have come to realize that, as water smoothes stone and enters sand, we become each other. How could I be so slow? What I’ve always thought set me apart binds me to others.”


We all feel the same pain, we all see the same amazement, we laugh, we cry, we live and we learn – we are all perfectly imperfect humans, yet we all speak in a different voice.

Embrace your uniqueness, your strengths, all your flaws and imperfections. You are the sum of your beautiful, damaged parts. Recognize, however, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When you dare to look deep into another soul, another heart, you recognize something within yourself. Something you had thought as uniquely you, separate from everyone else. You realize how truly the same we all are. Flesh and bone. Love and hate. Hardship and euphoria. Birth and death.

Choose to be who you truly are, even if you won’t meet everyone’s expectations. There will be external conflict, it’s part of life on earth. The internal conflict, however, should be avoided at all costs – don’t be busy pleasing everyone around you. Be busy pleasing your inner being. We should all let ourselves be visible, let ourselves open up our hearts. Don’t let anyone dim your spark. Your glow. Don’t be invisible when you so effortlessly carry the light within. Recognize we are all alike, yet we speak in different voices. There will be disagreement, war and hate – it’s inevitable- but knowing that we are connected in a much deeper way should be a justification to acknowledge one another. Cherish and appreciate both smooth and challenging encounters, because they help us grow into the persons we are meant to become.

To simply understand; we need each other.

We are all humans. Trying to seek the light within the dark. 

– Linda


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