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Today’s list

”Life is beautiful. Be curious, be fearless. Be unapologetically you”


Today has been a day filled with self-care. Doing things I don’t normally do, like standing on a stage in front of + 25 humans. It has been a lovely day; the sun has been out, plenty of snow for being Stockholm and it’s getting so much lighter outside already. Spring, I’m waiting for you like a delighted child the day before Christmas Eve.


Today’s mood: Optimistic with a sense of calmness. Confidence (that’s a rare one! 😉 )

Today’s I should: Start to look for a new apartment. Where to begin? And I should write a list of things to do in Stockholm, and then go do them. Since it’s my last three months in this gorgeous city.

Today’s thoughts: I’ve a lot on my mind, but I now know life works for me, not against me. I’m accepting the present moment, simply as it is. Being grateful for everything that has happened in my life, for it has made me become more self-aware.

Best thing today: I was asked to be a hair model at Wella Studios the other day so today I got myself a fresh, new and natural blond hair colour.

Today’s workout: 20 minutes morning yoga & soon 30 minutes evening yoga.

Today’s best food: My morning porridge with a naughty spoon of vegan nutella.


With love,






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