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Monday thoughts

”To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being ridiculous.”


Today is all about breathing in the present moment. Snowflakes dancing outside the window, embracing stressful, beautiful minds. Winter. You’re delightful. I worship your crisp and sunny days. It’s about visualizing, being aware of the power within. The power of the thoughts. Smile. Know that life is blooming and exciting, simply as it is. Pure joy. Pure amazement. However, it’s up to us to decide. Moments like these are about creativity. Following the heart, and being brave. Trusting life. Trusting oneself. It’s about doing things, although one has no idea what one is doing. That’s the beauty of life. The beauty of being a human.


Today has been a fruitful day. Absolutely love these days. Waking up early. Stretching and enjoying black, strong morning coffee. Watching how the sun quietly awakens. Life truly begins every second. Being grateful to spend time with my thoughts after a stressful and hectic weekend. Gratitude is the attitude. Loving every flaw and imperfection.

The smell of freshly baked banana cake is feeding my soul. Feeding my body. Perfect after a tough workout. Boxing. One of my favourite humans taught me how to fight. Taught me how to believe in my Self.


Simply amaze yourself.


Days like these are awe-inspiring. Appreciation and excitement for what’s to come. Creating opportunities.

An alluring winter like you – exactly what we desired.

What we hoped for. You’re exactly were you need to be right now.

Caressing fragile hearts.

It’s about a winter that’s flourishing and exciting. Beautiful and unexpected.

It’s about life.


she’s never alone with a soul full of heart

a sky full of stars

and a world full of hope

never alone

never afraid

with a soul full of passion





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