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2022 intentions

”Everything you seek, already resting within.”

I’m a firm believer in writing my intentions, goals and dreams down, preferably on a piece of paper. I guess I am more of a dreamer/planner than a doer. However, my intentions for the past years were all about taking action and believing in myself and my abilities. Now, looking back on these past months, I not only sense that a stronger confidence has slowly started to grow within me, but I have this strong feeling of being connected to something greater than my physical being.

When it comes to intentions, you can choose to write daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly intentions. I prefer to write my intentions in the beginning of every month, as well as set one daily intention that helps guiding me throughout the day. Setting intentions not only makes it easier to stay focused, but it helps to keep the motivation up as well as staying more grounded and closer to one’s core self.

Below you’ll find some of the intentions I’ve written earlier, and these will still be the main ones I’ll keep focusing on for 2022. The past week I felt a bit tired and unmotivated (probably due to the fact that I’ve been suffering from the flue), therefore I thought what better way then to read through my earlier written intentions in order to find my core focus again. And actually, this has helped me a lot, to regain my motivation and find that inner spark again. You see, everything you need, seek and long for is already within.

2022 intentions

  • Cultivating an abundance mindset – ”There’s an abundance flowing within and without; everything I need, seek and long for is already within me.” This is a mindset I encourage myself to adopt in every area of my life whether it’s love, career, health, money or opportunities.
  • Spreading kindness & compassion – I will strive my best to show loving kindness to all living beings; animals, humans and the planet. I’m inspired by random acts of kindness and compassionate people with big hearts filled with wisdom. There’s something special about humans who are caring and warm-hearted to everyone; it seems like they are carrying a sense of calmness within despite with whoever they interact.
  • Planting confidence – being confident without being cocky is very attractive. Cultivating a belief in myself is always on top of my to-do-list. We’re capable of achieving way more than we give ourselves permission to pursue. Persistence is key here, and a willingness to work hard for what you want in life.
  • Breathing mindfulness – bringing mindfulness into everything I do – whether it’s writing, studying, working, being in nature, meditating, speaking with friends and family – I can always choose to be a bit more here and a little less somewhere else.
  • Embracing my sensitivity – as a highly sensitive person I’m very sensitive to the people around me and their energies. I also feel a whole range of emotions, and it’s nothing wrong with that – as a matter of fact it’s completely normal and healthy to be able to tap into one’s feelings. Nonetheless, I’ve also become to realize the importance of not holding on to emotions for too long; I simply let them pass through me, and then peacefully let them go when they have done their job. Feelings like fear, worry and doubt don’t serve us in any way (if we clearly aren’t being threatened of course), and it’s about time we let go of them once and for all. While embracing my emotions I’ve become more self-aware, and more in tune with my inner state of being.
  • Nurturing my intuition – I’ve always had a strong intuition, and I would like to cultivate it even more. I’ve noticed that the more I meditate, taking time to really listen to my body and the stillness within, the more I feel connected to my inner voice; my inner guidance system so to speak. It gives a sense of power when you notice you can trust your intuition. I think all people have an inner voice waiting for them to listen carefully, however not everyone is ready to listen to what it has to say. I challenge you to pay attention to your intuition. Trust that you have all the answers within; you possess more power than you think, darling.
  • Tapping into my spiritual side – I’m an open-minded person and I love to explore different parts of myself. After cultivating my spiritual side a bit more I’ve become to understand how calm and peaceful it makes me feel. I’ve become more content and hopeful. I truly believe we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. I also believe that there’s so much more to life than the things we can experience through our five senses. Understanding that we’re all in this together, however, experiencing life in our own unique way, makes me feel more at peace, and content within my own being.

Have you set any intentions for the year ahead?

With ❤


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  1. Great intentions for the year, Linda! How are they going? I too am hoping to cultivate an abundance mindset, though it doesn’t come naturally to me. Anyway, wishing you all the best!

    • Thank you Stuart! It’s going rather well, however, it’s a constant work in progress. I am far from perfect when it comes to these intentions, but they serve as a great daily reminder. Keeping me on the right path. Have a lovely day! Kind regards, Linda


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