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Dear Friday…

… love me in such a way that makes me feel, free.

”We can never run out of love; it’s in the air we’re breathing.”

Each and every one of us walking on this planet are worthy of a beautiful life. A life filled with joy, excitement, happiness and love. A life filled with abundance. Having said that, each and every one of us are responsible for our own happiness, to some extent. 

However, for some of us it will definitely be a lot more challenging; it’s like the universe demands more from some people than others. Yet, I believe the universe won’t give you anything which you can’t handle. If you’re constantly going through difficult situations; please, take a step back, and pause for a while. What is this trying to teach me? How will this make me grow? In the end, it’s all about our mindset, and how we choose to look at the things happening for us.

And yet I agree, at times it can be very difficult to try to find the positive in every situation. But the more I think about it – the more we choose truth and love, rather than fear and hatred, life will become easier. Eventually, life will flow with more effortless ease. When we choose to fully enjoy life, all aspects of life, that is also the moment when we become to realise the beauty of life.

”This is what life is all about – to be able to provide support and guidance in times of need. And at the same time, be able to accept help when needed.”

When I say we all are responsible for our own happiness, I do not mean that we should not care about other peoples’ wellbeing, and solely think about ourselves. I strongly believe we are here to help each other. There will be times when you need to reach out for support, and there will be a time when you might have to help a complete stranger. This is what life is all about – to be able to provide support and guidance in times of need. And at the same time, be able to accept help when needed.

We have no idea what will happen in the future. Of course we can plan and prepare ourselves to the best of our abilities, but still, anything can happen. Every morning when you wake up; be thankful. Be happy you got this opportunity, to be here, right now, 2020. How you choose to show up to life is your decision. It is solely your decision. Now and then you might need to seek guidance from a close friend, someone you know you can trust. Other times you find the guidance inside of yourself; by being still. By quieting down the mental chatter, and external noise. By listening, and going within.

What is the purpose then, for all of this? The purpose of life?

The answers might of course vary greatly, depending on who you ask. However, I have come to believe that one main purpose is to make this existence a little more pleasant, for all of us. To choose love instead of fear, truth instead of dishonesty.

The most beautiful thing we can do for another human being, and ourselves, is to serve; to help each other grow, and transform into the humans we are meant to become. We are here to inspire, and to be inspired. The moment we start to see the beauty and potential within another human, that is the moment we start to see the beauty and potential within ourselves. This is how we are connected. We are all individuals, uniquely built, trying to figure out this thing called life; the path that will be the right one for us, things we need to accomplish in order to feel complete, and fulfilled. Nevertheless, at a closer look; aren’t we all so alike, in the way we all strive for happiness, security and love?

How we finally arrive at our destination, reaching that peaceful state of mind, will however differ for all of us. And maybe it’s not so much about reaching a final destination, rather, seeing it as a process in which we always have the opportunity to choose how to move forward. Be that as it may, in the end, we are all humans, and at the depth of our beings, longing for a sense of contentment, love and compassion.

Be kind. Always, be kind.


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