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”Even in the chaos,
don’t forget to kiss.”

There are times when we are fully engaged in the things happening in the outside world that we simply forget to connect with the vast world within. Rest assured; the more you listen to and trust your own unique voice things will start flowing more effortlessly, regardless of how chaotic life may seem. 

Every day trying my best to be comfortable with the uncertainty, not letting fear be a dominant factor in what I do. Instead, my goal is to take action to initiate change. Cause when nothing is certain, anything is possible. At times like these when the comfort has been taken away from us it’s time to lean towards growth.

And some days I fail miserably. Still and all, that’s part of being human. Nonetheless, the moment you start to see failure as a means to growth, you’ll become immune to it. As long as we learn from our experiences failure does not exist. You did not fail if it made you into a better human. In fact, it’s a sign of evolution.

This is a sign of evolution.


We learn a lot about ourselves just by being with ourselves. You might learn that you like to dress like a teenager instead of the grown-up you are. You might learn that you can read four books within a week. You might learn that you will never stop educating or challenging yourself, cause that’s what makes your brain come alive. You might learn that within all of us is a child, eager to come out and play. You might learn that your dreams might be a bit crazy, however, they are your dreams. Your heart. You might learn that you drink way too much coffee. Listen to music every waking hour.

You might learn that you are afraid of failure, still, you learn that you are more afraid of not trying. You might learn that you cherish the stillness, a star filled sky. You might learn that nothing in life is certain but change. Ever evolving, constantly dynamic. You might learn that the only way to live is to let yourself be invited to life’s dance. You might learn that you sometimes judge yourself, as well as others. And then you learn to accept yourself for being human. You might learn that when the mind is still, everything becomes clear blue sky. And then you learn that whatever life gives you, love is, and will always be, the answer.

It will always be the answer.





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