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Dear December…

… you set my soul on fire (and yet, you haven’t even arrived)

”With the moon and with the stars, how can we say we don’t have enough?”


The silent hour of night, and my heart suddenly arise. Caressing my awaken sight, while awaiting you, with blissful eyes. Watching snowflakes quietly at rest, while the moon shining its light upon us. 50 shades of snow, wherever we choose to go. Darling December, the way you transform the darkness. Even at 4 am. The world is still, sky black, mind intense. Emotions wide awake, heart half asleep, in a blissful lullaby sleep.

I hope your dreams are sweet. 

December is for love and laughter. Peace and joy. The bright-pink sky with heart-shaped clouds, peacefully passing by. It’s for warm-hearted gestures, compassion and loving-kindness. Snowflakes dancing outside our window, making every moment irresistible. Gifts wrapped up in affection, kindness and hope. It’s December, you can wish for anything.

What will you wish for?

This December is all about giving more of yourself. Give your time, your attention. Your love. Give all of you. It’s about awareness, tenderness and tranquilness. Music filled with heartbeats and pure passion. It’s about our beautiful, fragile planet, and the precious time we get to spend amongst her. Be gentle, be kind, don’t ever leave her behind.

December dear, I welcome you. One of a kind, and so perfectly designed. I sense something wonderful is about to unwind.

With you, life, a little more magical.

With you, I’m always at home.

At peace.



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