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Dear Future Job

Dear future job,


I can choose to continue to scroll through job ads without finding any position that fits my profile. OR I can choose to throw myself out there, head first, making myself visible, so that the one and only, spot-on job (you) finally can find me. Working together, successfully ever after.

If you would examine my brain you would most probably think I am a chaotic mess. However, that is far from the truth; I am organized, altruistic, driven and creative (thanks to my disorganized brain). Although my mind is constantly chatting – you know, I am one of those who think before they speak – I always seem to somehow separate and remove all the clutter from the important information, the things that make sense, make us proceed.

I love writing. Writing is my home. Whenever I feel sad, in love, anxious, eager to inspire or excited I return home. Please, prepare yourself – being with me involves writing.

Another thing that I am deeply passionate about is people. We are wonderful creatures, aren’t we? Complex, yet wonderful. If we only knew how magnificent, imagine all that we could accomplish! I once got a self-made painting from a young, happy customer whose day I had made. There is no monthly paycheck in the world that is comparable to a gift of kindness.

Excellent people skills they say. Perhaps you will become aware, that there is truth in that statement; all the years in customer service, as well as working within communications, building long-term relationships with influencers, have thought me enormously. Humans want to be seen. Want to be heard. We want to be encouraged, amused and valued. We need someone to believe in us, especially when we are too scared to believe in ourselves.

Dear future job, I am passionate about a lot of things; I guess I am passionate about life. With me, you will become to realize the importance of education. When we face challenges and stumble upon questions we do not yet master we do the research – we gather information and we learn. Together we grow.

What is more, together we practice kindness, diplomacy and creativity. Our vision is to inspire, make humans aware that there is so much more to life if we had the courage to step outside our comfort zones. Together we value heart-warming gestures, hard work and purpose driven actions.

Therefore, dear future job, when you are ready for a deep, fulfilling and successful relationship do not hesitate to contact me. It will be grand, and I am as ready as I will ever be.

(And yes I have a degree and all that. Actually I have two… So do not worry.)

Yours sincerely,

Linda Maria Vestman


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