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The beauty of aging

”Every day is a privilege to learn more about yourself, life and all its mysteries.”


Just like the Moon we go through phases, and just like the seasons we change. And like the midnight sky we shine like a million of stars, just like we cry like heavy clouds on a rainy Sunday evening. Life is beautiful in all its stages. Every morning we receive the gift of a new day. We get to grow one day older, and that my dear, is a gift greater than life itself. 

Stop being afraid of getting older, show your deepest appreciation instead. The beauty of evolving, and getting wiser is a privilege. Every day we have a chance to learn more about ourselves, we have the opportunity to grow and learn from our experiences. We have the possibility to fall in love with our imperfections, our strengths and all our quirks.

I believe that with age comes knowledge, not only the one found in books, but from life. You might find yourself in a situation where you start to second guess yourself, and what you have accomplished so far. You might think that you should be further in life by now. Darling, you are exactly where you’re meant to be. Everything you’ve been through has taken you to this exact point. All the decisions you’ve made, all the countries you’ve seen, all the hearts you’ve touched, all the jobs you’ve had, all the times you’ve struggled, and all the lessons you’ve learned have taken you to this very moment.


”Darling the moon is still the moon in all of its phases.”

– isra al-thibeh

To be able to explore and learn about oneself is so rewarding. Learning about one’s qualities, and how to handle them, will make life so much easier. Whatever your qualities are – embrace them. You might not be like the rest of them. That’s perfect. You do you.

Features I once thought as weaknesses I know regard as my strengths. Like being too kind, too empathetic, too sensitive, too large-hearted. I now understand that all these characteristics are gifts, and something I need to learn to handle. These traits won’t go away (although somedays I would like to be a bitch…) since they are deeply rooted within me. Without them I wouldn’t be me.

Take the time to learn about yourself


One way to gain more confidence is to become more self-aware. Take the time to learn about yourself. What do you like to do on a rainy Sunday morning? What makes you happy? What makes you cry? What is your biggest passion in life? Dig deep, and you’ll find all the answers within, underneath that beautiful skin.

And while you are busy learning about yourself, learn about life. Educate yourself, seek new knowledge and challenge your mind. Never ever go through life thinking you know it all.


”A person can never have too much knowledge, or too much life experience.”

– L.M.V


The beauty of aging. The delicacy of a newborn day. Leaves falling of a tree on a brisk autumn day. Flowers blossoming in the garden. The Moon caressing fragile souls during the darkest of nights. And the stars. Oh, how I adore the dark. Cause without the dark we would never see the stars.



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    • It’s never too late to find out who we truly are. And I believe we will find out who we are over and over again. Constantly progressing, constantly learning while trying to figure out this beautiful thing called life 😘🌟


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