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Small daily habits to improve your life

”Ask yourself; Does this support my innermost being?”

While being perfect is rather boring, we should instead strive to be a bit more willing to be the best version of ourselves. A version that will change from day to day, from hour to hour even. Some days we learn, some days we win. However, we don’t stop when the mountain gets too high or the sea too rough. Rather, we adjust. We may scream a little (or a lot), we may laugh at our foolishness. But we continue, we adapt. And that’s how we evolve.

”Fragile you are, little seed. Planted in the depths of thick, dark, nourishing soil. Resilient you are, blooming flower. Early spring.”

I strongly believe it’s the small daily habits that encompass the greatest value on our overall wellbeing. Like waking up early dawn, knowing it’s time to make yourself a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The smell and sound of coffee beans grinding. The taste of creamy oat milk, nicely poured on top of a hot, steamy cup of goodness. The day can begin. But first, a moment to enjoy a silence only the tranquil, early hour can provide.

Needless to say, there’s an endless list of habits which to incorporate in order to produce a bit more substance to your day. Ask yourself; What can I do to make my day more meaningful? It can be anything, as long as it invigorates you. Something modest, yet something which holds a great deal of significance, and that you wish to bring about, every day.

Below you’ll find some small daily habits of mine that I’ve become utterly attached to, in that sense that they’ve come to play a crucial part of my day. My morning coffee routine being one of them.

Learning Italian 15 minutes a day

I simply adore the Italian language. La lingua italiana é sempre bella. I love to listen to the pronunciation, I love learning new words, and I love the way it challenges my brain. I spoke Italian rather well 18 years ago, however, I’ve forgotten plenty since I haven’t been practising. To set aside 15 minutes every day for a language is achievable almost for anyone. And some may say that 15 minutes a day isn’t enough in order to learn – still, during these minutes I’m fully engaged in the language, and 15 minutes a day is 105 minutes a week. A little bit every day is better then everything in one day, at least in my opinion. It has become a highlight of the day; 15 minutes of me travelling to Italy, daily.


Ever since I started with this daily practice I’ve felt less anxious and more at peace. You see, my mind is constantly chatting – always seems to be a party up there. However, through journaling I somehow separate and remove all the clutter from the important information, the things that make sense, make me proceed. Usually I start my day by writing my thoughts down in a notebook (yes I prefer it to be handwritten). 10-15 minutes of free writing, and the mind feels lighter – It’s like space has been created for new, more creative thoughts to enter. Highly recommend.

Reading a chapter in a book

I usually read two to three books at a time. For me, reading equals meditation. I’ve also started to read books I normally wouldn’t read – I strongly believe in the importance of gaining new insight, and learning new things. And the more I read, the less time I find myself scrolling through social media. I prefer reading a chapter in the afternoon, or before going to bed. A book can take you places you’ve always been afraid to go.

Washing my face

I’ve never been particularly keen on washing my face each morning and each night. Still, it’s something I’ve always done, but without any greater enthusiasm. But ever since I got myself a rose quartz face roller I’ve actually even started to look forward to this insignificant morning and night time routine. By keeping the face roller in the fridge over night it stays cool, and I must say it feels rather heavenly for my tired and puffy morning face.

As you may have noticed, these small daily habits don’t have to be any grand endeavours that will save the humanity from evil. However, in the face of their triviality they might prevent you from falling into a rut. Since you’re the one choosing which habits to incorporate, you will eventually notice that the more rejuvenating habits you choose the better you will feel. And the better you feel, the more positivity you will shine onto the people around you.

It all starts with you ❤


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