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That gut feeling

”Trust your intuition. It knows what your head has yet to figure out.”


Come home to yourself, darling. Stop running away from your inner being, instead run toward yourself. Trust that you hold all the answers within. When you feel at home with yourself you begin to feel safe in the world, and it will become much easier to listen and pay attention to your intuition. 

How can we become better at listening to our inner voice, that gut feeling? Here are the most important ways I’ve learned to uncover and trust my intuition.

1. Stay present.

”Breathe in the moment.” 

To be mindful in the present moment is one of the most powerful ways to detach from the ego. It’s easy to get caught up in all the shoulds, and thereby forgetting all the wants and needs that lie deep within. At the moment I’m sipping on a cup of coffee while writing, and enjoying the sound of heavy rain and thunderstorm. Happiness lies in the smallest of things. Each and every day I try to remind myself not to dwell in the past and not to worry about the future. The present is beautiful.


2. Seek serenity.

”Wherever you are is home.”

It’s good to seek solitude every now and then. You might want to book a whole day to yourself, take a walk in nature or discover some new places. Whatever you choose to do is up to you. By spending more time with yourself you not only get to know yourself on a deeper level, but you start appreciating your own company more and more. I love to connect with people, but I also love to spend time on my own; creating that perfect balance between companionship and solitude.

3. Enjoy the stillness.

Meditation is my number one favourite when I want to get in touch with my intuition. I always turn to meditation whenever I feel out of sync with my inner-self, or when I find myself stuck between my head and my heart. After being in stillness I usually feel less stressed, more in tune with myself and more focused. I realised today that I haven’t been meditating the past weeks. I immediately felt a remarkable difference after my morning meditation. I feel more like myself again.

4. Forgive yourself.

”Beautiful being, you can do hard things.”

You should never be too hard on yourself. I like to think that if I always strive to do my best everything will be just fine. I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. And we’re not suppose to be perfect either. But if you simply do your best, you’ll avoid self-judgement, self-abuse and regret. And remember; your best is going to change from moment to moment; when you’re sick you won’t have the same energy as when you’re healthy.

Life is a journey of learning.




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