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Dear May…

… you took me by storm. I’m forever lost in your impulsive grace.

”Fight for the fairy tale. It does exist.”


May is for waking up too early. The morning sun dazzling through the broken window. Burning with passion, awakening tired souls. The birds are singing, the red roses blooming. It’s a new day. A bright future.

May is for magical, heart-warming evenings. The nature, and humans, reborn. 

May is a month when everything is thriving; the cherry trees, the flowers, the hearts. Let her sensuality caress you. Embrace you. You know, she’s blossoming just for you.

This May is all about letting the alluring spirit shine through. Exploring the unknown, and taking chances. Believing in the magic of life. The beauty of humanity. Early morning runs and yoga. Awaken the body. Awaken your creativity. It’s about taking the time to learn about oneself. Every day becoming more and more self-aware. It’s about poetry and expressing emotions. Reading and gaining knowledge. The nature, so breathtaking and flourishing, just like you. It’s about leaving things behind, not because there was no love, but because there was no growth. I promise, there’s no hate, just that my heart she’s still wounded.


”May the flowers remind you why the rain was so necessary”.


Darling May, you’ll always be my dearest friend. Spontaneous and oh so caring. The way you touch everyone with your loving, magnificent soul. You fill us with warmth and a deep, burning desire. Don’t ever hide behind the dark, green trees – come dance with us. We’ll make everything around us ravishing. Together we bloom. Together we inspire. And although we don’t know where we’re going we’ll figure out the details later.

This is our birth.

This is where it all begins.

Beloved May, please be unforgettable. Please be all sunshine and laughter. Our time is now.



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