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Mindfulness practises for setting & achieving goals

”How amusing isn’t it that we all pretend to be normal when we can be wildly different and fascinating?”



March intentions

Where do I want to be one year from now? What can I do this month that will bring me one step closer to where I want to be? Setting monthly intentions is a great way in order to achieve the desired goals you have in life.

Dreaming is always good, but taking action is even better.

Mindfulness practises for setting & achieving goals


Writing. The more specific you are about your goals the better. Write them down, try to be as clear and precise as possible. I strongly believe that putting words, goals – the desired future – on paper will take you one step closer to achieving your dreams. I started writing things down last fall, and reading it now makes me realise some of the things already happened.

Let go of the how. After writing down your goals I think it’s crucial that you stop obsessing over how everything will happen. You can’t control every situation and person in you life. Bear in mind that things usually never work out exactly as planned. Nevertheless, if you work hard, and never give up on your dreams, things will eventually fall into place; maybe not the way you hoped for, but they will turn out exactly the way that is best for you. Remember life works for you, not against you. Do not force an outcome. Let it flow naturally. Everything will come to you at the right time. Be patient.

Do it your way. It’s good to be inspired by others, but you should never compare yourself with anyone else’s success. We all have a different story; different intentions, different goals. Be you. What do you want? Follow your heart, your intuition; it always guides you to where you need to be. It knows the way. You have everything you need inside of you, you just need to trust that. Trust yourself. The moment you allow your unique Self to shine through that’s when the magic starts to happen.

Chill out. Don’t take life too seriously. Don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s still okey if you fuck up – its’ part of life. We grow from everything we go through in life. Take a break and chill out every once and a while. Meditate to calm your nerves and to quiet down all the mental chatter. Give your brain a well deserved break. And while it’s good to have a plan you should remember that sometimes you just need to take a step back, breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.

Challenge thy self. Do what you are scared to do and watch your confidence grow. It’s easy to fall into a rut. Routines become such a natural part of every day life, that all of a sudden, you stop challenging yourself. And if you do not step outside that comfort zone of yours you do not grow. And growth is inevitable in order to achieve goals. You have to push yourself to do things that make you nervous and terrified. At first it will feel scary as hell, but I promise you – afterwards you’ll feel rewarded.


”We often want it so badly that we ruin it before it begins. Overthinking. Fantasizing. Imagining. Expecting. Worrying. Doubting. Just let it naturally evolve.”



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